Soul Calibur 6


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So the official Soul Calibur twitter posted this:


Hinting at a new Soul Calibur! Yay! :D

I hope it will include Tira, Zasalamel, Taki, Zwei, Viola and Raphael as well. ^^
I'll take a page from your book and be skeptical. Could be another "Lost Swords" shit-show
Yeah, hoping it's not. The majority didn't like it, so hopefully Namco learned from that.

But where do they go? Soul Calibur has been bombing ever since 3. Hopefully they've learned from all their mistakes, because this SC might die if they churn out another dud.

Imo, the necessities are:

Character Creation/Customization. Has huge casual appeal

Story mode/arcade mode for individual characters. Nobody liked SCV's story because it focused on characters nobody knew or cared about. Let me play through Astaroth's quick little story and be done with it.

Great netcode

Veteran characters. If your trailers don't produce hype, they don't get shared
I really don't dig the heavy anime influence the game took on in V. Tekken did the same thing when they ran out of fighting styles to portray.

Algol is forever my bae though. I probably spent twice as long in creation mode with him than actually fighting with him lol

Mmm, yes, Algol is pretty nice too. ;3
Though his fighting style, shooting those huge bubbles and such, is pretty... weird. XD
I love the spiky wings and the blades though.
Ivy, Seong Mina, and Taki should be in and the game better be fun and better than before. Otherwise, forget it. Just have any of the 3 characters join Tekken if Soul Calibur will be put to rest.
Kill off Sophitia's annoying kids ugh! JK...sort of

The game is going to look gorgeous, I'll bet. I just hope the characters aren't as dull as the last ones. Maybe this game is going to help them reboot the series (because god knows they're in need of one).
this most likely is not a confirmatio/hint at a new game. i liked soul calibur on facebook. all theyre really doing is posting this "20 years of soul calibur" stuff. until i hear an official announcement for soulcalibur 6 i wouldnt take it too seriously.