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Thoughts? For me this is Sega's last chance to win me back to loving Sonic. I've grown up with this series (also along with Mortal Kombat) in the 90s. My daddy and I used to play Sonic Spinball a lot together and try to see who can rack up the most points.

Honestly, I do like what I see in this trailer, and I do appreciate that there's only three playable characters. I hope it has a Sonic 3 feel to it where each character has something different, such as how Tails can't use the special shields Sonic can use, Knuckles has his own story and fights different types of bosses...

I never owned Sonic and Knuckles until the Sega Collection for the PS3, I remember how Knuckles has to fight RoBUTTnik in Hydrocity without Eggman lowering down. Gotta take advantage of the grenades he tosses out.

I've always thought this series is just a 2D series. Sonic doesn't do well at all as a 3D platformer, it just doesn't work right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to the 2D roots. I think we all can agree to that, aye?

Seriously, I really, REALLY want this game to be great!!! Thoughts?
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I personally prefer the Sonic Adventure style of gameplay, and I think the last game that did this really well was Sonic Generations. I also know I am in the minority in this opinion, and ALOT of fans praise the first 3 games as being the best ones, so it is understandable that they are going back to that formula. It's kinda like Megaman 9 and 10.

It's basically feeding off of fans' nostalgia though. But hey, if that's what they want, well, good luck with that.
I prefer this over that Sonic Generations 2.0 bullcrap they're bringing to the consoles Winter 2017. They haven't made a mainstream sonic since Lost Worlds and that game is trash. I liked Secret Rings for what it was. I expected Generations to just be a nostalgic thank you to fans, but I don't want a second generations game or any game dealing with literally 2 Sonics. I heard Colors was good, and after playing the Colors Stage in Generations I believe them.

It's gonna be difficult for them to actually screw up a 2d Sonic Game (excluding Sonic 4: EP1 & 2). People hated Exploration in Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal, but honestly that was mainly because they hated the idea of Sonic Boom (especially seeing how Exploration was required to get the Sol emeralds in Rush Adventure and everyone loved that). So I have high hopes for this game. They might throw in DLC characters and stages in the game. I really want another game with Shadow and Blaze.
Bashes Generations, praises Secret Rings.

TRMK is the center of the universe when it comes to bad opinions.

Mania has me hyped. And so does the new Generations looking game.
Really though, the backlash against this game is some of the dumbest I have ever seen.

All of the people saying that they're pandering to nostalgia and that they're "Taking the safe route". Sonic has been panned for OVER A DECADE for trying to innovate and add shit nobody wanted. Fans begged Sega to do something like this, and when they finally do, people give them shit for it.
I really enjoyed the older Sonic games on Sega. This was the first series I've ever played and it got me into gaming, so I'll be getting this when it comes out. :)
Bashes Generations, praises Secret Rings.

TRMK is the center of the universe when it comes to bad opinions.

Mania has me hyped. And so does the new Generations looking game.

The only thing that was wrong with Secret Rings was the backtracking and Somewhat clunky controls during certain levels. And I never bashed Generations at all. I only said I don't want a part 2. Stop.

Also, fans asked for SA3, which never happened yet. No one's asking them to make an exact copy of something they already did or make a game that's nothing like a Sonic game, people just want Sonic Unleashed style gameplay minus the werewolf and a serious story.
Sonic Adventure is garbage. Serious mode Sonic can eat ass, that's what caused his fall into shitpits in the first place.

A good Sonic story consists of Chili Dogs and saving Forest animals.

Listen to that crowd. It's exactly what Sonic fans wanted.
Thank you so much for sharing this! It looks amazing! My hair stood up on my head when i watched this... and Im bald! Lol. It looks just like the original sonics. I cant feekin wait for this!!!! I hope it has just as many levels as the original Sonic 1, 2 and 3! Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 fell short on levels... so i hope this makes up for it!

Also you know what would be an INTERESTING IDEA?!?!? If they made a Sonic and Mario mashup game where its side scrolling like the originals and you could use Sonic in any mario level and use mario in any sonic level! Both characters would have their own unique abilities, and dashes and runs.... but coins would be replaced with rings and vise versa in their own respective stages depending on what character you would use. And yes sonic would still have to break bricks like mario does and mario would have to bounce on and break those little TV box thingys! But heres the catch, if mario is playing on sonic levels and he hits the box that has the fast sonic shoes or invincible stars then he would get those abilities just like sonic would. And if sonic gets lets say a yellow invincible star or a frog suit for water (mario 3) or a firepower plant then he would gain those respective abilities just as mario would!

Also, they could add the ability for Sonic to call on Mario for help at any given time (for about 30 seconds) and vise versa for secret unreachable areas in each level or perhaps for boss fights! There will need to be a partner-meter though so you gotta wait for it to refill up again before you can call on the help of your team mate! Of course you would be able to decrease the fill-up time by unlocking certain items in the game as you level up!

Perhaps the story could be something like Dr. Robotnik was trying to make a time travel device and something went terribly wrong and it sort of fused both the Mario and Sonic Universes together... and its up to Sonic and Mario to figure it out together and turn things back to normal!

You see as i did mention that you can play as sonic in any mario level and vise versa, you will ONLY be able to unlock that feature once the main story mode has been completed! But in the main story mode, you will be playing as mario and sonic at seperate times, you cant choose... you will however be able to still call on the help of your team mate at any given time if your meter is full... BUT this team-up ability will only be accessible once you have completed the first 5 or six stages of BOTH marios and sonics OWN levels... then a cinematic will happen showing the explosion and re-arangement of the 2 universes into one and then BAM! Sonic will run into Mario... and thats when you notice the worlds changing, combining... so you will start to see bosses and bad guys from each respective Universe in the SAME LEVEL!....

Also, Bowser is going to have a BIG BROBLEM with Dr. Robodink once he realises that he was the cause of this. So there will also be this story of a power struggle between the 2 big bads of the game! Also u will fight smaller bosses like Metal Sonic and Birdo for example lol. AND what sonic game wouldnt be complete without a Super Sonic ability?!?!? Haha.. well guess what?!? Since the two worlds have colided, Mario too has the chance of becoming Super Mario! LOL! Perhaps once Boswer realises the power of the chaos emeralds... he may want them for himself too... WHO KNOWS what insane possibilities/outcomes could happen?!?!?

Defo multiple story endings depending on your descisions you make during your epic adventure!

Expect to see LOTS of Cameos including Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Princess, Toad, etc....

Omg.. was that all too confusing?!?!? You kinda get the just of what I am describing... i wish this could become a reality!!!!
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