So do you like MGS5?

Got over 100 hours clocked into Single Player.

While there is filler in Chapter 2, for someone to say the game is too short is completely outlandish.


Metal Gear Online is fun as shit, I have no qualms with it so far. It's so fvcking satisfying to CQC other players and fulton them, goddamn.

How the phuq did you access MGO? I've been struggling at the "content not available" thing at the game data download.
In comparison with MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 and MGS4, for me it was "meh."
I found it to be better than Peace Walker, though.

MGSV essentially pulled a MGS2 Plant Chapter with the Phantom Pain, at about the same part in the game too (after MGSV's "Taker" chapter aka GZ), so I kind of expected something similar in MGSV.
The 9-year coma seemed like too much of a story plot convenience, just like the 2 years between the "Tanker" incident and "Plant" Chapter in MGS 2.
The biggest give-away, though, was during a conversation with Ocelot about Eli where it's said that his (Eli's) DNA doesn't match Big Boss'.

The only thing that I was originally wrong about (during the time of E3 2014) is that I thought that "Venom Snake" was going to be revealed as being Decoy Octopus.
Either way, I was right about "Venom Snake" not being the real Big Boss.
Can't say I'm enjoying MP so much. It's just feels like a lagging hot mess. I also fail to see the balance between the classes.

Edit: yeah the infiltrator is like the win class. It's so dumb that it is not even funny. They should of gave the class a stealth blanket. Not the damn camo
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Day 1 isn't even over and my patience is already wearing whim. The lag is excusable to an extent, it's Day 1, I get it. What's ruining the game is the amount of Easy McCheesy tactics from the infiltrator class with the stealth camo and quick fulton to covering enemy spawns in those annoying sensor grenades just so you can spawn camp them.
I've played MGO since MGS3 Subsistence so I'm really glad to have MGO back, but there are some major problems they need to fix.

1. This host disconnection thing. Just because the host leaves doesn't mean everyone has to as well. Just make someone else the host. I'm so sick of waiting to find a game just to be disconnected during the load screen.

2. The stealth needs to be taken away from the infiltrator class. It's too OP.

3. Moving the left stick and pressing triangle when tranq'd is god awful. It takes way too long to get out of. Yeah I know I got tranq, but it still takes way too long.

4. Reloading also takes way too long. It's like my characters have never swapped out clips before.

5. Can't run for shit either. It's like he runs while carrying 150 pounds on his back.

6. Levels are boring as all hell. Seriously the worst levels in any of the MGO games.

7. Gear Walkers are stupid.

I had high hopes for this MGO because the last 2 were amazing, but so far I'm not impressed in the slightest with the online.
I started using the sniper class as the NVG can spot the bastards. Trying to learn how to snipe but the sway is so annoying.
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This online mode was pretty great. My main gripe is the hit market with the sniper (sometimes passing throw far away enemies) and the overpowered mess know as the Gear Walkers. Future Liquid is also overpowered because for some reason, they literally have him dodging CQCs like he's Psycho Mantis.
The online is garbage, I'm giving up on it already. I dealt with the extreme unbalances but there's absolutely no way to deal with the vomit-inducing lag.
It's very enjoyable for me. Regardless of some poor balance choices and the community is full of dirt bags who don't put much effort in helping.

It's definitely a whole lot funner when you level up.
Not trying to make fun of anyone, but your Internet must be slow af if you're lagging in-game and I'm not. I have wild blue and my internet is maxed out and it's still not lagging for me. Maybe it's the location?
I speak with around 10 other players, all of them lag except [MENTION=5866]nemesiswontdie[/MENTION] and he's got extremely fast internet.

I don't lag in any of my other games, the servers in this one are dogshit.

Honestly, did it not come to mind that they should only have one active per person??
and if not those, then its some scrub spamming stun grenades
Yeah it is pretty damn rediculous. It would make sense if it gave you a standing stun but the fact it actually knocks you down is dumb.

Also i hope they bring back Reiko Hinomoto outfit from Rumble Roses which was in MGO. so far from what I've seen, all the new outfits that are hidden looks stupid or rather boring.
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Don't even know what happened to the single player DLC outfits. They were up on October 6th and I managed to buy all the ones besides the D-Horse ones before they got mysteriously taken down. They still are not back up on the marketplace. I love The Boss outfit for my female staff members.