Should Mortal Kombat Include 1 Button Fatalities ?

Include 1 button fatalities ?

  • Yes

    Votes: 20 16.1%
  • No

    Votes: 104 83.9%

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No, h*ll NO.

Where is the reward in pulling a 1 button fatality on your opponent?

I've always liked MK for the great fights you have till the end... when your opponent & you have about a little strip of health bar left and you get to Finish Him/Her... The moment you input that fatality and you got the black screen, you knew you had done it and pulled it off...

The excitement then got even bigger when it was a fatality you could not yet perform before (cause you didn't know the input or the exact spot to be in).

I would not immediately go into the Fatality trainer... I would try to pull them off like that, old school in the Story Mode or Arcade Ladder matches... Maybe if at any moment I'm stuck with one, I'll take a peek, but I'll doubt it.

Always loved MK for the secrets & the new stuff you had to figure out yourself.
Exactly. There shouldn't even be a fatality trainer to begin with.
They've even got the in game move list for you guys.

Neither of the above should be in MK9 IMO.
I don't see why they shouldn't include one button fatalities. Alot of people here say that the reward for pulling off a fatality would be lost if there was a one button fatality. You may be right in saying that, but honestly not all people really care.
Some people will just be playing Mortal Kombat casually and maybe they just want a quick game of satisfying violence nothing more nothing less. So one button fatality would be good for them or little kids who are playing the game.

If NRS do plan to implement a one button fatality with some sort of cheat code, then they should disable all achievements/trophies associated with fatalities when it gets activated and only allow it to be use in local vs mode.
But do i support them putting a one button fatality in the game? I'm still undecided on that, but leaning towards no.
I still don't see where everyone's complaint is. If you don't like it, don't do (use) it. I'm not going to use it (if they have it), but would I get upset over someone else doing it? No, Because I'M still doing the actual input, I'M the one who did the actual input, so what if someone uses one button to finish off someone and see a cool like show? Besides, it's 4 buttons, what a great accomplishment! I deserve a trophy for such a HARD task! But maybe I'm thinking like this, because I'm a casual fan. I'm not tournament material and don't wish to be. I just wanna have some fun and see some gore. And of course, kick a friends ass or two ;)

Also, I like the idea of a trainer, because that means I get to skip the fighting and see fatalitys when I feel like it haha. Kind of like the skull choice in mku3 and trilogy after the 8 player tournament. "I've got no time to fight you Computer! I just wanna see you DIE!"
1 button fatalities? Where's the fun in that? I know they're not hard to pull off, but there's some nice tension to it regardless. I wouldn't want to lose that feeling just because someone's too lazy to learn the command. A definite no for me.
Only as a cheat code. Like "Enable One-Button" otherwise no.

I don't know why you can pause during the Finish Him. You should not be able to do that.
I'd say no in that after the first week I pretty much never do fatalities anymore. Once you've seen them a handful of times they are boring. I'd much rather just uppercut the opponent and get to the next round.
No. Fatalities are a privilege, not a right. If they were easy to pull off over the years, I don't think there would be as much of the "Whoa!" factor that there is now. Yes, the gore contributes to it, but a big part of it is the achievement of being quick/coordinated enough to do it.
I voted no because there are so many opportunities to fix ones fatality imput problems:
1. you can press start to look at the imput.
2. there is a fatality trainer for F sakes:p
NO way, you have to make it challenging, this is part of the nostalgia for MK, the feeling of completing a fatality will be dulled if u always knew you could pull them off.
MK is about pulling off fatalities even if they are difficult to do. If you are a REAL Mortal Kombat player like myself you don't want that kind of things...
Yall crazy on this site. I would think with all the hate coming about the fatalities yall wouldn't be doing them anyway so why care. Oh "I hate em but i'm still going to do them." Come on people, relax the man asked a simple question.
As much as I would like it just for the convenience factor, having the skill to pull off a sequence of buttons quickly has always been a part of MK.
No need for one button fatalities. They dumbed them down already and you can look up the fatalities in the movelist. They're easy enough as is. Although I do miss just upper cutting someone off the pit.