Should Mortal Kombat Include 1 Button Fatalities ?

Include 1 button fatalities ?

  • Yes

    Votes: 20 16.1%
  • No

    Votes: 104 83.9%

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I think it was only MK Trilogy that had the option for this little cheat and I thought it was a cool. Once this option was enabled you would simply stand at the correct spot and press 1 button to perform various finishing moves at the end of fights as I'm sure most of you already know.

I don't have any problems doing the fatalities manually but having the option for this would make them easier and quicker to pull off. Should it be an option in the new Mortal Kombat ?

Do you think it would take away from the game experience by not having to learn and remember the full button combinations?
It is absolutely no fun doing it with one button, mk3 had that killer codes that simplified fatality entry commands, but they are simple enough in new mk
I voted F*** NO. That's why a Fatality Trainer is in the game. No point to it if all you have to do is press one button.
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Nah, nope, never ! Part of the fun is having to do manually the fatalities command, and even, missing the timing , pushing wrong a button or something in the pad and missing the fatality, hehe !

It's part of the MK magic and a tradition ......
I voted no I like to be able to use some skill in performing a Fatality even though they havent been hard to pull of since MK4. Actually I think I would like the idea of them becoming really hard to do like in UMK3 and MK2
talk about ruining one of the series' longest-running traditions. i can barely tolerate the simplified inputs required to pull off the fatalities since the franchise went 3D (like b,f,b,f, 1 for mileenas in the demo, thats too easy ;) ) but to make them one button? NO. armageddon did a well enough job ruining fatality inputs already
Noooo! I thik Fatalities are easy enough in MK9. No need to make them even more easy. They'll lose their magic. It's cool when you fail a fatality once or twice and in the next fight it's done right!
I hope that there will be different difficulties for performing fatalities. The first one is easy like in the Demo but the second should be more difficult. Something like hold X, down, forward, down, forward and release X!
I wouldn't mind i liked it as a "CHEAT" in MK4 if it is an option in this new game which i'm not saying it is, it should only work in the vs mode no online or anything else like that.
You got to be kidding me. The fatalities in this game are already overly newb friendly, and you wanna have one button fatalities? Give me a break.

No offense, but what the hell is wrong with some of you? Its because of fans like you, our beloved, rub it in your face that I beat you, finishing move is becoming more and more accessible. The fatality is meant to be hard to pull off, it was meant to be a REWARD for winning the epic battle. Now all you have to do is pause the game when FINISH HIM appears and pull off a fatality. Learn it beforehand by using the internet or strategy guide and memorize the commands, and hope your positioning is correct. Oh wait, now we even have a TRAINER to make sure we have the correct position. The fatality idea has been butchered IMO from what it was supposed to be, and some of you are making it worse and worse.
We had a thread similiar to this awhile back and a bunch were like "BRING ON THE ONE-BUTTON FATALITIES!" and almost everyone was calling for simplified fatalities since some people apparenlty took it pretty hard when they couldn't pull them off. I've always said that Fatalities should be somewhat difficult so that they can remain a skill achievement. From what I've seen, the Fats in this game are fairly simple and you even have a Trainer to help you out now. That's something you didn't get with ANY other MK, so I don't think there can be any excuse now. If it's in as some sort of a cheat, fine but if so I hope there is an option to restrict it in online play.