Shang Tsung

Soul stealing, every freckle a ginger has represents a soul stolen?
Get with the times Noob :lol:
Why is it that every time someone refuses to FINISH HIM, Shang Tsung just appeases them? Seems like since he's the host of the tournament he wouldn't put up with such defiance. But in the beginning when Johnny Cage beats Baraka, he refuses to kill him, and Tsung just says "Very Well." Wtf?
Ahh yeah, Tsung's character morphs and MK3 <3
Yeah, it would have been awesome to do that, but Tsung's still pretty awesome; makes me feel less guilty for beating up an old man lol.
I miss that dearly. It is what makes him stand out from even Kahn and Quan Chi! And yes, please bring that back!
Do you think NRS will bring him back as a hero? His non-canon ending in MK 2011 seems to suggest that.
You know what we never figured out in the new timeline and the old timeline? The Lin Kuei sent Sub Zero to the 1st MK tournament in order to assassinate Shang Tsung. In MK2, Sub Zero's younger brother was sent to assassinate Shang Tsung as well. So... the question remains... Who hired the Lin Kuei to assassinate Shang Tsung? I believe that Quan Chi hired the Lin Kuei to assassinate Shang Tsung...
The inspiration to create Shang comes from the 80's movie,"Big trouble in little China" .

"Lo Pan"


I'm pretty certain he's older than that. He won at least one or two MK tournaments prior to bringing Goro into the picture...some sources claim he won upwards of 9 (Threshold Entertainment, for instance), and if THAT is his official winning streak, then it does place his age at about at least 1,000. To me, 9 tournaments in a row for Shang Tsung before being beaten by the Great Kung Lao sounds a little far-fetched, especially given the fact that he was born on Earthrealm, and if his 9 victories counted in Earthrealm's name based solely on Earthrealm birth (a legit possibility, since Bo Rai Cho intentionally ducked the tournament due to his own Outworld birth and chose to train Earthrealm fighters to compete instead), the Great Kung Lao would have represented 10 in a row for Earthrealm, and the consequences for Earthrealm winning 10 in a row have never been made clear. My assumption would be that the Elder Gods would have permanently banned Shao Kahn and his minions from Earthrealm. Seeing as how Goro won the next 9 tournaments since then, either Shang Tsung won 8 or fewer in a row, or perhaps his wins count in the name of Outworld based on him being bound to Shao Kahn.

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He needs to be in mkx. Imagine his potential and the variations he'd have. And srsly if they can bring back Kung Lao and kitana from death how can they not bring back an immortal sorceror?? Especially after the stupidest death I've ever seen in MK -_-