Resident Evil: The Last Sample by iVital

Chapter 6: R&R..

Jill and Ada arrive on the second floor only to hear weeping in a nearby room, they trace the sound to find that the source of crying came from apartment 2B.. Ada slowly opens the door with her handgun ready to eliminate any possible threat beyond the door. Jill aligned her self to the right of Ada to cover her, once inside they traced the sound to a bedroom. The bed was drenched in blood and on the other side a young woman with a gun placed under her chin, shedding tears...

"There's no reason to live... Mom... She's gone.. My only reason to keep fighting.. Is now gone.."

She mumbled these words under her breath, gripping the gun tighter with each word said. Finally, she eased her finger to the trigger..

"NO! Stop!"

Jill shouted in effort to prevent the young woman from committing suicide. however, Jill's words had little to no effect.. The young woman took her life with a fatal shot to the head.

Ada put her hand over Jill's shoulder, Jill was sadden by the recent event that took place only seconds ago..

"C'mon, we have to get the bodies out of here or else they'll draw in the infected"

Ada said to Jill, they both took each body and threw them out to the apartment window.. After hitting the ground, outside the infected scurried to the dead bodies, plowing through the lively flesh for nourishment.

Inside the apartment, Jill and Ada began to settle down.. Unequipping most of their gear preparing to take shelter.

Outside it began to shower, thunder began to roar in the distance, and lighting flashed brightly catching the eye of anything living in the plagued city known as Quantico.

As time passed, Jill became famished. She didn't eat anything since she was transported, however she didn't mention anything to her temporary partner.

Slowly, time passed. Jill began to nod off.. She tried her hardest to stay awake just in case the infected broke in, but her tiredness overpowered her. Seconds later she was in a deep sleep, Ada stayed awake on watch.

"Sleep tight, Valentine" Ada said softly, gently petting her hair.


"C'mon valentine you can't stop now" Jill said to herself hastily making her way through small corridors of the Raccoon City Police department. She was being pursued by the prototype B.O.W code named Nemesis. It's mission was to annihilate ALL S.T.A.R.S members, for their expertise in survival in almost any scenario they're face with. Along with most of them being key witnesses in the Arklay mansion incident.

She sprints for the front door, just as she reached for the door handle her right arm is entangled in Nemesis' tentacle... Jill quickly turned around and aimed for the tyrant's head. She shot three shots consecutively. The first two shots missed, but the third connected with the tyrant's eye. It roared in pain, retracting its tentacle, freeing Jill from its clutches.

She tries to open the door, but it's locked.. Jill violently shakes the door handle only for it to fall off, the Nemesis tyrant recovered from the bullet to his eye. Enraged, he charges at Jill smashing her body against the door, breaking it leaving the two outside. Jill was on the ground in pain.. She tried to get off the ground but the nemesis picked her up by the head, squeezing without any remorse.. Her head bursts from the immense pressure... The Nemesis tossed her body aside walking off with the sensibility of accomplishment.


Jill springs up from her nightmare, gasping.. She yields out a small sigh, relieved to discover that the recent event was only a dream. Even though the Raccoon city incident happened years ago, it still affects the few that survived.. This virus does not only effect those controlled under its influence, but those who are fighting it in order to survive.

Jill finally gets outs the bed, checking her PDA for any recent orders from BSAA command, luckily there were not any. She makes her way to the apartment window, the sun hides behind grey clouds and below the city was shrouded in fog. It still showered from the previous night outside.

"I guess the city and I have something in common..." Jill made this joke about her depression to prevent it from dwelling within her mind.

The smell of cooked bacon and eggs filled the apartment room. Jill's stomach growled.. She was starving. In the kitchen Ada was cooking for her partner along with herself. She placed a plate of her cooking on the kitchen table.

"Eat up, you really expect to make it out of the city alive on a empty stomach?" Said Ada, while smiling at Jill.

Jill grinned back, and began to eat.. Finishing her plate fast..

"Why?..." Jill questioned..

Ada sighed.

"I knew you would want answers eventually... But I can't tell you why.."

Deep down inside she wanted to reveal her true intentions, but Jill had connections with the BSAA meaning that she could have her apprehended for assisting in bioterroist acts against humanity.. Jill risked her life to save Someone who was originally against her.

"...At least tell me why Wesker wants the G-Virus, do you know how many live are at stake if he makes it out of the city with it?!"

"Millions of people blah blah epic comic book villain story... Wesker wants the virus to help strengthen a new Bio weapon he's developing called Uroboros.. He's partnered with a third party pharmaceutical company named Tricell. What he plans on doing with Uroboros? I have no clue..."

Ada told Jill everything she knew about Wesker's plan..

Jill receives an update from the BSAA via text message on her PDA.

"We've lost trace of the G-Virus sample in Quantico, your mission is to now escape the city before sterilization commences, you have 72 hours to evacuate.."

"Translation: you're now expendable...."

Jill thought to herself..

"Ada, we have 3 days to escape this place before they finish this place.."

"So we're back in Raccoon, this should be fun.." Ada said to herself with a grin on her face.

"Oh, Jill, before leaving make sure you shower.. All of those smudges on your face and the bloodstains on your clothes.. Ugh." Ada said while cringing...

"......" Jill replied

After Ada had took her shower, she went into the closet to change into something new.. She pulled out a red dress shirt and a pair of black tights with black heels.

"This is a lot more comfortable than I expected" she said, checking herself out in the mirror. I may just take this back home"

Ada changed back into her Red dress.

Jill had her clothes washed in the laundry room while in the shower, by the time she was finished the dryer had stopped rotating.. She puts on a pair of newly washed pajamas, and a normal T shirt, Once in the living room she noticed that Ada changed her whole wardrobe. Then she sat on the sofa and turned the T.v on only to see the Quantico incident on every news station , Jill notices a helicopter flying above the news anchor man. Luckily for her she was able to pause live TV.

"Didn't you say Wesker was partnered with Tricell? Jill questioned.

Ada was too busy admiring herself in the mirror..

"Huh? Yea... Another Umbrella clone, like Wilpharma" Ada responded.

"I'm more than sure that the one on tv is searching for Wesker, I really hate to take matters into my own hands but it's our only way out of quantico and to get the sample." Jill thought to herself..

"So we have less than 3 days to find Wesker.. I guess we"ll start searching tomorrow. For now we can just rest, it's been a long two days..."

"Oh yea, forgot to mention that we're out of food... These guys weren't too keen on the rationing food part in a zombie outbreak..." Ada said. "I remember seeing a door that lead to the building's commissary we can scrape some supplies there and bottled water, I'm pretty sure the irrigation system is tainted with the virus." She added.

"So much for relaxing....." Jill said to herself.

She goes back into the closet to put her old gear on, they exit apartment 2B. The hallway was dead, nothing in sight on both ends. It was a clear path to the elevator, once inside they travel back to the lobby. Nothing has changed, the infected still paraded the area.. The commissary door was only a few feet away since the infected only respond to sound, they slowly approach the entrance, once inside the place was stocked with food, and supplies..

"First we'll find something to carry the supplies in, then stock up for just today..." Jill said.

Ada finds a shopping cart to use.

"Reminds me of this video game I played back home. I believe the character name was Frank West?"

Jill remained silent, she was still pondering on the dream from last night. It was her motivation to rid the world of bioterrorism.

"Awww, was hoping that getting supplies would be a challenge" Ada said in disappointment.

On the next isle, Jill grabbed a 12 pack of bottled water and placed it inside the cart.. Next on the list was food for tonight, they make their way to the back for packaged meat.. Once there they were greeted by former human workers that yielded butcher knives, something was different about them.. Their heads were bright red..

"We can just walked pass them easily.. All of them are blind" Jill said to Ada.

"Exactly, that's why it's soooo boring" Ada said..

As Jill walked towards the package meat bin, one of the red faced infected pointed at her and spoke a language unknown to humans, the other undead employee charged at Jill. One swung at her, she countered by catching its hand, taking the knife and, with momentum impaled it in the head.

The zombie didn't die, but instead it's skin deteriorated turning it into a Licker like creature that stood on its hind legs. The knife remained in it's head.

"Finally, some action!" Ada thought to her self.

She pulls out her handgun quickly dropping the other two undead butchers, but they also mutated into the new beast that Jill was face to face with.

It pounced on Jill, she used all her strength to prevent it from biting her.. She was able to kick it off of her. She notices that it's heart
was exposed and beating rapidly, Jill took this opportunity to withdraw the knife from the creature's head and Impale it in the heart.

The other two approached Ada, one crouched preparing to jump.. Ada remained calm, patiently waiting for it to make a move.. Finally, the creature jumped at Ada, she side stepped with her hands in the air to catching it's hips and using the forward momentum to toss the creature on it's back. Ada then thrusts her feet into it's heart causing it to explode. Before the other mutated enemy could move Jill placed a bullet in it's heart.

Ada walks over to the Meat bin to pick up 2 T-bone steaks.

"I hope they don't mind if we take these.." She said to Jill.

Jill could not help but chuckle at the small joke Ada made after the small scuffle they were just in. She drops the knife and follows Ada back to the entrance door. They Travel back to Apartment 2B once again unequipping all gear. Jill pulls out her PDA to contact BSAA command...

[BSAA Command]​

"Captain, Incoming voice call from Quantico. Accept it?"

"Yea, accept it.. Jill?! Thank God you're ok.. "

"You were seriously worried? I thought you had faith in me Chris.."

"You haven't changed at all, Jill"

"I have very important info that I dug up from being here, Tricell is partnered with Wesker.."

"Tricell? But I thought they were on our side? They were continuing the T-Virus vaccine after the fall of Wilpharma.."

"No, Chris.. They plan on making the virus stronger to use against the entire world, now hours ago a Tricell Helli was hovering over the city.. I have a feeling that they're looking for Wesker, he has the G-Virus sample we.. I mean, I have to stop him.. can you track that Helli with our Satellite from the skies?"

"I can try, but are you sure that's the only airborne vehicle over the city?"

"Yes, I'm positive.. The Quantico national guard withdrawn from the city yesterday."

"Ok then, I'll do the best I can.. Just make it back home in one piece."

Jill chuckles, "I'll do my best.."

She ends the call, Tomorrow starts the man hunt for Wesker and the last G-Virus sample on earth..
A pretty great update I must say.

There's some stuff in there that got me a little nitty gritty, being a big Ada Wong fan but nothing to be really disappointed with. Just minor flaws.
.... Flaws?! I gotta fix them.

It's her personality, isn't it?

Small things like when she was hypnotized by herself when she was admiring herself in the mirror. Ada wouldn't be doing that, lol she is fickle, and a small bit full of herself but because of her abilities, not appearance.

Like for example her compliment in RE6 when her partner does well is, "Could be better."

She thinks of herself as above others but in terms of skill.

Also, when she cooked Jill breakfast. I would have made it that Ada was in a different room when Jill woke up, conflicted about whether she should stay with Jill or not. In here, she was so inviting, but she even wasn't like that with Leon in RE2.

Jill did save her like Leon saved her from the gunshot, but she still stayed independent. I'm not saying she shouldn't team up with Jill, I'm saying she should not have been so quick to make that decision.

Like here

Ada is patching up Leon but she still plans to leave him after she's done but Leon asks for her help. She feels sympathy for him and still likes the fact that he saved her, so she agrees, but not so excitedly.