Resident Evil: The Last Sample by iVital

Hey man that's you and Shira. Idk shit about RE, well extensively anyway

This is a made up story, and you can write :mad:

G-Virus: Basically the T-Virus on Steroids, Wesker wants this to speed up the Uroboros project.

Jill: You know who that is :love:

Ada: You know who that is..

Wesker: 8)

Quantico: The City that fell to the T-Virus, and the place that held the last G-virus Sample and Wesker wants it but The BSAA (Jill's employers) Wants her to step in a take it before it gets into the wrong hands.

^ That's all you need to know, just writez.
You and Shira :mad:



Dude, I just had like a overflow of ideas just rush through my head for this Fic man. I don't need to do a callab, I got this shit on my own 8)

Sorry for putting you through pages of nonsense for no reason :oops:
Chapter 5: Unexpected Ally

"I'm sorry we couldn't stay long to catch up, but my ride is here and I don't want to be rude and have them waiting. In the mean time you could play with my friends outside the entrance. Ada, open the door" He commanded.

Ada did as she was told and opened the door from the control panel next to her, The door slowly opens and the infected pour in. Wesker leaves through the emergency exit that lead outside the building and his companion followed.

"Now where do you think you're going?" Wesker pick Ada up by the neck

"But.. Wesker" Ada said while gasping for air.

"Do you seriously think I can trust you? After you double crossed me.." Wesker laughs at Ada, "You mean nothing to me!"

Wesker threw her over the railing causing her to fall onto the second floor with Jill. Ada fell hard on her back causing her to blackout. Jill fought the wave of infected approaching Ada.

The factory entrance began to close on it's own, Jill looked up at the control panel on the second floor. A young woman with dark red hair with a red biker jacket in skinny blue jeans, close the entrance stopping the infected from pouring in, however a group of 30 remained inside.

"Jill! Hurry, get to the second floor!" The Young woman yelled.

Jill acknowledged her orders and moved quickly, she paused and stared at Ada. She began to think. "Even though she double crossed me, she doesn't deserve to die" Jill thought to herself and she lifted Ada up and took her to the second floor to regroup with the Unidentified red haired woman.

Jill examines the woman, she looks familiar and resembles Chris her long time partner since S.T.A.R.S in Raccoon city. She then questions the Woman to why she's here..

"Wait, Who are you and why are you here?" Jill questioned

"I'm the Terra Save agent who was sent to assist you in your mission but I'm guessing you didn't get the Memo. I searched all over for you then I seen a Helicopter land on top of this building, and I have a feeling it's coming back to pick up Wesker so we have to confront him fast before he gets away with the G-Virus" Claire said to Jill.

"No, but I hav--" Jill checks her back pouch for the Vail containing the G-Virus, but it's Missing.. "..... You have to be shitting me right now" Jill said, angered by the fact that Wesker took the virus without her knowing it.

[Side Event]

"Captain, There's an Unidentified Flying Object approaching the ci--"

"Shoot it down.. We can't let anything in or out the city, those are direct orders from the President Himself" The Captain commanded.

"Aye, Sir." The corporal set up his Javelin Anti Air launcher, in less than 15 minutes he took aim and fired at the UFO approaching the City taking it down instantly"

"Well done Corporal, I'll see it that you get a promotion faster than you expect"

[Side Event Over]

A loud explosion could be heard outside the factory, it was so loud that it awoken Ada from her unconscious state. She wakes up looking around, confused.

"Good, you're ok. How do you feel?" Jill questioned Ada.

"What? What happened..."

"Wesker happened, he threw you off the railing to die.. I sa-- We saved you from the infected, now get up we have to find Wesker before he escapes with the virus."

The threesome exit the factory through the emergency exit, placing them in the front parking lot of the building.. there was a crashed Helicopter just a few feet away from the building, it had the Tricell insignia on the door.

"That was Wesker's ride, I guess the Quantico National guard are upping their defense." Ada said.

Jill checks her PDA, she reads an direct Order from the President on her news feed.

"All Units assisting in the Containment of Quantico should not allow ANY unidentified personnel into the City, only BSAA and Terra save transporting Vehicles are Allowed into the city" Jill read aloud... "So thanks to the President we have time to track Wesker down, in the mean time we should find shelter and maybe food along the way."

The other two nodded, signalling that they agree with Jill. The search for a safe house begins. After 15 minutes of wondering the modern city of Quantico dropping any threat attempting to come at them, they find an Apartment complex that had 3 levels. They searched each level of the apartment killing all potential threats that could interrupt their rest for tonight. They set up having each floor of the Apartment to themselves. Jill having floor 1, Ada having floor 2 and finally Claire having floor 3.

After Both Claire and Jill were sleep for that night, Ada slipped out the Apartment complex without Jill and Claire knowing, She left a not inside Jill's room.

Later than Morning..

Jill woke up to a note being on the dresser in her room, it read..

"I really hate to do this, but it's my job. I'm thankful that you two saved me but I have to retrieve that sample from Wesker.. Please forgive me.

-AdaWong <3"​

Jill sighs in frustration, and goes up into Claire's room to see that she was still sleeping. Jill wakes up Claire and tells her they have to go and search for Wesker. Outside, the Sun was covered by Dark clouds signalling that Rain was coming soon, they could hear the loud thunder echo through out the silent city, and the bright lighting flashes blinded them temporarily...

"So where to now?" Claire asked..

"We have to find Ada, she can't fight Wesker Alone.." Jill answered.

"And how do we do that? We have no lead on to where she could possibly be.." Claire argued

Jill ignored Claire, her feelings towards Ada blinded her in denial for accepting the fact that they're wondering around aimlessly with no idea of where Ada is. Jill's PDA rings, it's a video chat request from Ada's PDA. She quickly accepts it only to see Wesker on the other end..

[Sorry for letting you two down, I felt real bad for doing it :L]
Much better

"It was in your best interest" to assist yourself :top:
Wesker taking capture of Miss Wong, love it :D
Nigguh, I was staring at my laptop screen for 30 minutes straight then a ton of Ideas just rushed through my mind.

I dunno, maybe that Satsuki fan fic motivated me to finish this.. but we're not going to see another update from the Rebecca story in a while. Writers Block :oops:

Yes! Yung is proud of me, I can't wait to see Shira's response
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You brought Claire back? Ehhh, well, it's your story.

I was kind of hoping for a created character. An OC if I might say.

But other than that, it was good except I felt like things were moving a little too fast.

I would have postponed Ada's departure and capture (**** you by the way :mad: ) so there could be more room for development between the relationship of Jill and Ada. So too much happened in one update in my opinion.
So I'm making a few huge changes to the story, but some of the main events will stay the same.

Originally I was going to rewrite the recent chapter Ditching Claire because she's worthless in this story and just a random character there, Soo instead of rewriting it and wasting time that could be put into another update I'll list the following changes. No.. I'm not lazy, it's just why waste the time writing the same chapter only told with a few slight changes.

-Claire never met Jill.
-Ada stayed in the Appartment longer and that's where I will start next chapter
-Wesker Never kidnapped Ada.
-Jill and Ada are Semi-Partners now.
-Wesker is still the main Antagonist.

Jill and Ada enter the Apartment complex lobby only to be greeted by the undead parading the surface thrawling their uninhabited bodies across the room, Prevalent humans screeched in distress from the upper level only hoping to escape this endless nightmare.

Shrewdly, Jill walks through the crowd. Surprisingly, the Undead didn't attempt to attack her in any form of fashion. Once at the Elevator that leads to the other floor, Jill signals Ada to follow her footsteps. Ada, gracefully weaves past the undead almost imitating all of Jill's movements. Jill uses the elevator "up" button. Almost, Instantly the Elevator door binged only to clasp the attention of the Undead, they bustled hastily to the sound faltering over one another in effort to ravage Jill and Ada. Equipping their handguns, they hold off the horde slaughtering them with stringent ruinous head shots, closing their alternate subsequent lives caused by the degenerate Tyrant Virus.

[Side Event #1]

A Mother-Daughter relationship is prized, even more endeared by that of a Father-Son likeness, but this plague has the endowment to rupture one's and cause that person to lose all optimism, Happiness and finally, sanity. Only a few in this world can contest this force, but many fall short.

"No.. I can't leave you behind!" The Teen girl howled aloud, only to see her Mother tainted by the Tyrant Virus. She could barely speak words to her daughter let alone move out the bed. She reached for the note pad and pencil because it was the last resort of communicating with her daughter before her Climatic transformation.. On this notepad she inscribed these words..

"Do it..." Signaling that she insisted to be killed versus becoming infected and potentially bringing her daughter down with her, these few words were the only she could produce in her condition.

"..." The teen didn't respond. but only treaded leisurely into the dinning area, her eyes were lifeless with no sign of blinking as if she was one of the undead herself. She reached into the bottom drawer to pull of her Father's handgun who recently left the apartment in search for more food but never returned. She returns to her Mother's bedroom to see her in the same position, the only difference was her livid dermis that glossed in the lighting, slowly she raised the Gun to her Mothers head, On a spur moment all of her memories of her childhood with the woman who labored her, Deluged by thoughts she was brought to tears.. Finally ending the life of a love one..

She subsided to her knees only to sojourn in the thoughts about her previous act.. Finally placing the gun under her Chin..

[Side Even over]

The Elevator open, Jill and Ada swarmed in and mashed Level 4 just to get out of the main lobby before falling to the infected..

(Ehh, Kinda short but I'm really just testing a new style)
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