Open Forum Challenge: Character Sticky Threads

Guess I'm doing the Scorpion thread since I'm very well proficient with him. So I got dibs on Scorpion. About to do it once I done enough research and figure out best to describe his gameplay towards others.

I'm done with the Scorpion thread after pulling an all nighter. And I did a Sheeva thread as well. Not sure what I can do next?

I like to see if anyone have the guts to do a Liu Kang, Noob Saibot, Quan Chi, Johnny Cage and Shang Tsung gameplay thread.
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I call dibs on Stryker! I can only post a little bit of info on him at the moment, but open to anymore info from you guys!


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Can someone please do one on Jax?

He was my second main when I first got the game, but I dropped him for Kabal.

I'm thinking about picking him up again, and some veteran Jax advice would be appreciated.


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I see. Good luck on that. If you want a quote for Liu Kang, use the one when he challenges Shang Tsung in the final match of the 1st tournament.

"Face me; in Mortal Kombat!"

There are links to my 3 guides in my sign (sub-zero, ermac and reptile), or you can search them in this subforum. Hope they help.


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I can give it a shot, though I think I'm only above average, probably not prolific but I'll start working on it tomorrow, or later on in the week, if no one else wants to get it started

I was gonna do it, but you can if you want.


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Why there is no thread for Quan Chi while all other characters have???
I wanted to post my kombo video for Quan Chi :\