Official Pictures Thread Part 2


cool effects.

sup gurl, let me get dat fo numba
I want to smash your face into the dashboard right now.
That picture reminds of every lame slideshow about cars I ever had to watch.

The picture of the stick-grabber-gear-idontknowanythingaboutcars looks good, but the rest angers me.
Let the good times roll.
LOL. Mission accomplished! And it's a gear-lever/shift knob. None of the original pics look like that. But I thought it'd be mega-lolz to do so.

Slideshows about cars? o_O?
Okay... I'm WAYYYYYYYYY behind since I haven't been on here in months... but I also graduated high school.

Rita- Class of 1998 - the year I met LC


And me now... a couple of days ago... on my birthday...