Official NHL Thread


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looks like a lockout is going to happen. i think it's stupid, this will be the second one in less than a decade. i just hope it doesn't ruin the NHL.


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why are you derps talking hockey during the beginning of football season?


Tarkatan Trash

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Quite the irony for those of us who remember '94 isn't it?

That's why I still find it ironic that Baseball has the longest active period of labor peace! MLB's CBA expired at the end of last season (at almost the same time as the other 3 major sports leagues, mind you), and they got their new CBA ratified pretty quickly. Yet, NHL management still doesn't give enough of a shit about their last work stoppage to avoid another one!


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I turned it off as soon as I saw Crybaby.

If there are any Red Wings after that part, I will gladly skip to it.

Tarkatan Trash

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Only 4 things are interesting about hockey...

a) Crosby
b) Ovechkin
c) Red Wings
d) Fighting

That was in no particular order, by the way! Everything else about hockey sucks!

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I don't normally watch hockey this time of year, so I haven't been missing it, but I'm glad to hear it will be there for me when football is over.


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PK Subban

I like Josh Gorges, he should be the next captain of the team, but the GM Marc Bergevin made a mistake by giving him too much money, he works hard and shows up every game, but he doesn't score and isn't a hard hitter, Subban is going to look at Gorges' contract and ask for more. He still has a lot to prove, he tries to be too fancy sometimes, but the Habs don't have another defenseman who can skate and carry the puck like he does, no way should they let him go, but will he earn more than what he deserves?

Scott Gomez

I'm not a fan of his, but I don't think he plays badly on purpose, he's still a heck of a skater, the problem is he always makes the same move after crossing the blue line, I do feel bad for him when he gets booed by the fans, the fans in Montreal are either the best or the worst, I say give him one last chance, let him play center for Pacioretty and Cole.

Alexander Ovechkin

Will Alex ''The Great'' bounce back? He didn't have a bad season last year, but we all know that he's capable of a lot more, he should be competing for the Art Ross trophy every single season. What happened to him? Did the death of his grandfather hurt him more than what we thought? Is it because the Caps no longer put all their focus on offense and he's having a hard time adjusting to their new play style? Or did it have something to do with the Caps getting busted for buying steroids a while back?

I never liked the Canucks, only players I care about are Kesler and Burrows, the twins are too soft, their fancy plays work during the regular season, but not in the playoffs. What are they going to do with Luongo?

My favorite team is the Kings, they're big, they're bad and Anze Kopitar is so underrated, he has been my favorite player way before they won the cup. Too bad, the Habs drafted Price instead of him, a great center is just so hard to come by.