Official Mortal Kombat (2011) Video Thread

Re: Reptile fighting as Noob Saibot? Glitch?

Is it possibly the same type of glitch that occurred at the end of the new klassic DLC trailer?
Re: Reptile fighting as Noob Saibot? Glitch?

There's two possibilities to that. Klassic Smoke is a hidden extra for the pack (Which I highly doubt) or it was a glitch. I believe it was the latter.
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new mk9 xray video montage.

Enjoy :)
Here is a SICK Kenshi combo video. Its the best I have seen anywhere so far.

The same guy discovered this Kenshi OTG combo link with tag mode.

Mortal Kombat 9 Hacks

So first off i dont know how to post a video directly to the forum :p
but heres an interesting video i found of someone hacking the game on a ps3 and playing as all of the bosses. This has probably already been discussed on the site before, if it has im sorry for the repost. Maybe there is hope for playable bosses in the future?
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