No More DLC for MK9?

I'm sorry, but Animalities were stupid as hell, they should not bring it back, a Friendship pack would be nice.








These kombatants are all I need for DLC THEN they can stop
I'd honestly rather have the Zebra

they should really put him in just as the obscure character in this game.Every fighting game needs one. No one would be more awkward than him enough to work
I never said i wanted it badly, so GET your facts right! How do you know NRS wont be releasing anymore DLC? Do you work for NRS? Ed Boon already mentioned on Twitter that there wont be anymore MK9 DLC but you never know i mean the game is only 5 months old and even if they are through with DLC, for the better if either UMK9 for 2012 is in the works and MK10 for 2013

No I don't work for NetherRealm Studios. Besides, I wouldn't say that on a forum even if I worked there. You, yourself say that there won't be any more MK9 DLC's just to go on on your next sentence and contradict yourself?!

I'm sorry, I know a lot of people were expecting more DLC's especially after the first batch sold so well. Let's just say NRS have something really exciting in development. You won't be disappointed.
i would rather have zebron or digimon or pokemon or ANYTHING before tremor, he is a fake ninja and there is no more room for another
As far as MK9 DLC goes:

@noobde via Twitter said:
RT @Bigtat74 But u said no more characters & I was wondering if that ment no more DLC. Noobde: Sorry, but I said no plans for more DLC.

RT @munkymunch @noobde my heart sank and it felt like a part of me died when you announced no more DLC. Noobde: I'm sorry to hear that.

RT @nicholasrobison @noobde what about new outfits? does that count as dlc? Noobde: Unfortunately, yes it does.

RT @cvincent1514 @noobde I thought "As Long as PPL are playing it" you will make new DLC! LIAR!! Noobde: Show me the article or interview!

RT @Philydelphia @noobde any chance of a 'Friendship' DLC to the MK9 game? Noobde: Babality & Toasty was enough humor in MK9. Dont u think?

As far as UMK9 goes:

@noobde via Twitter said:
RT @TrickyLizard @noobde Any news on UMK9? Noobde: We aren't planning an Ultimate MK9 now. Should we? What would we add?

I hate to crap on everyone's parade, but I'd say this pretty much confirms that NRS has NO plans for more MK9 DLC, and that there also will be NO UMK9.
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Well since this game has gotten boring and there isn't anymore DLC coming out, I guess I'll trade it in.
I wouldn't trade this game in until the next MK comes out or if there will be more extra features just in case before the next MK game comes out.
As far as MK9 DLC goes:

As far as UMK9 goes:

I hate to crap on everyone's parade, but I'd say this pretty much confirms that NRS has NO plans for more MK9 DLC, and that there also will be NO UMK9.

Yup, it sadly looks that way. UNLESS Boon is going out of his way to ******** us and spring a surprise on us but I highly doubt it.
I feel like just releasing the 4 DLC characters was kind of a mistake. A feel like it was just a "Oh new DLC and a new skin" sort of thing and by the end wasn't feeling as great. I wish they had added, at the very least, more challenge tower missions and more stages.