No More DLC for MK9?

Yeah I see everyone's points on Freddy. He doesn't really bother me the slightest besides the fact that's another matchup I have to learn.

@Flying Jinko:
I do not think he's cannon in story and nor would any other DLC that comes in that isn't a part of the MK universe. Guest characters will always be non-cannon so I don't think you need to worry. The Arcade ending was just something they wanted to do just to make a little sense of why he's there. I don't think you have to worry about Freddy being on the bad guy/good guy teams in your story mode cutscenes any time soon.
It's a business and people do buy games just for the guest characters, take me for example, I'm not too familiar with Soul Calibur, but I'm still getting the new game for Ezio. Who knows? I might end up becoming a fan of the series. I'm sure that there were fans of GOW who bought MK9 for Kratos, I actually didn't mind Freddy joining the roster as DLC at first, but I want to get rid of him now, cause I hate the way he fights for some reasons.

It'd be cool if we could fight guest characters in versus mode only.
They should add this guy as dlc

Lol, not before this guy:


live action mario from the mario bros movie could work in MK9. Theres a scene in the movie where he says :

" I'm not just gonna kill em, I'm gonna break every bone in their body,THEN I''m gonna kill em"

****ing brutal. Needs to be in mortal kombat ASA ****ing P