My letter/ mail to Netherrealm.

Add mine as well! Been YEARS since I've felt like a kid watching fatalities and all the other new things coming out abut the new MK. Even going as far as to tell my friends about it who then tell THEIR friends about it. It's made me forget about a lot of things that bug me in my adult life and just be myself in the fullest: A person enjoying the moment as if nothing else mattered. When a game can do that, it means something!
I tried to give you some rep for this, but apparently I already gave you some. You've been too awesome apparently. Fantastic letter. I feel the same way. (Even though I played and enjoyed MK vs DC, I too was starting to lose faith, but now I've never been more excited or happy to be a Mortal Kombat fan. It took my favorite fighting franchise love back away from Street Fighter.)
Long time lurker here .. I applaud your passion for the reboot . I would like to cosign this as well :)
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Maan, it isn't too late to add my name :D?

This letter describes the same that I feel, MK is almost the first game I've ever played (we're talking when I was about like 4 years and ok, there were some others like doom, and pole position in the cabinet lolololol) but man, I see the new mk and I have the same feeling when I went to the arcades and can't even reach the stick and the buttons.

Those were good times and thanks to NRS I can live them again.
Hey man. Well written, and thanks for letting me know that there are other people who feel just like me.

I disconnected from gaming when the ps2 arrived, because I grew up and didn´t have a lot of time or money to play games. Just like that, I totally disconnected from the series. I would look at Armageddon videos and when I saw these characters like Ashrah, Kobra, I thought "yeah, right" and when I saw Nitara (I believe she is the vampire? wtf?) I said, "ohh noo..." Mk is LOST. I think the only new character that looks cool is this Kenshi guy.

Now with Mortal Kombat (2011), I have remembered why I love videogames.
Every video, every fatality, every discovery, every revealed character. Even babalities (which now I think are awesome and really serve the purpose of humiliating your opponent) hyped me up a lot, and now that I have a stable job and wanted a blu-ray player, I bought myself a PS3. MK comes out in Norway on wednesday, and I honestly can´t wait. It´s kind of a dream come true. Netherealm Studios have busted their balls making this game and I really can´t understand how people hate some things (how can you hate cyber sub zero? why the hell was smoke´s hair such a problem?). I guess people just like to be whiners. I have to admit, the reward for the challenge tower was a bit disappointing, but I still don´t care; I just smiled... you know why? because I am GRRAATEFULLLLL for this game and I DONT WANT TO BE A *****ING WHINER when the whole package is just incredible. They did this game for us, how can you be nit-picking?

If you have time, OP, I would appreciate that you add me to the letter too. If it´s already late, it´s no problem, that´s ok. I just wanted them to know that here in Norway we also appreciate every single thing put into this game. I am really thinking it might be the greatest fighting game ever.

Thanks for reading and... fatality lives!
when i was like 8 or 9 mk2 came out my older bro would take me to local mall acarde (it was in the food court) to kill his friends with kitana the fan slice fatality...i remember people would put quarters on the screen for the losers so they could keep playing try to beat me. lol thoses were the the arcade in my local mall is a hello kitty store =( .
but i always did kick my ass kicks on marvel vs brother was better at street fighter.
Nicely done sir. From quarter crunching on the original to pre-orders, MK has been and always will be my favorite game franchise, ever. This will be my first (and probably only) midnight game release pick up. Please add my name to the list, thanks!
Add me...but then put 'Cuddles doesn't like the tower reward'

I kid I kid...awesome story thanks for sharing! I hope to get that same feeling back.
With all the crying that goes on with so called MK fans, it's good to see a true MK fan express the joy and happiness over this new game. So many are trying to find whats wrong and not looking at the good. Thanks again for this you just increased my hype for this game!!!!!
Add my name please! I am 27 and when it arrived to Chile in 1993, I was 9. My cousin took me and we went to watch this incredible new game, I inmediately became a fan. When the ports to console arrived, I was expecting those days and now I am in the same situation, 14 years later, I can't believe this. The game is more than I expected. So thank you NRS. I bought the TE from Amazon and it will arrive the next week (because I am Chilean). I couldn't wait 10 more days so I had to bought here last Saturday!
Thank you LordRaiden and all of TRMK community! You are the best!
Gah, I remember Mortal Kombat being one of the games I played before I even started considering myself a Hard Core Gamer. This was on my SNES, not the Arcade, but still.

Add me, too, please. Starting to get all sorts of warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.