My letter/ mail to Netherrealm.


Just to show them what a reboot of a franchise can do to people:


Lord Raiden
Thunderlane 13
Somewhere in Outworld

To whom it may Concern,

Back in 1992, a new game arrived in my local arcade. It looked very nice with it’s digitized graphics and whatnot, but when some local arcade addict entered a combination of buttons, I was blown away. “Did he just rip his head off!?”

This was my first encounter with Mortal Kombat. I was 12. Time passed and I got better and better. Beating the snot out of 18-20 year olds, humiliating them in front of their friends, good, good times.

Sometime later, on a rainy evening, a classmate rang my up sounding all hyped up. “Mortal Kombat 2 just arrived in the arcade!” I jumped on my bike, raced across town, scaring the bejesus out of anyone that was in my path.

My jaw dropped the moment I saw it and knew right there and then, MK was going to be a contender. I don’t want to calculate how much money the machines took from me, but it was more than enough for a little brat like me. Lunch money? Uhhh….

Then the console versions came along. I had MK1 for the Genesis and SNES, MK2 for the SNES, MK3 for the SNES and Ultimatie MK for the Saturn.

Then, thanks to more powerful hardware, things started turning 3D. At this point, I had doubts. I didn’t play it as much as I did with the other 4, counting Ultimate MK as a separate game.

I got it for the Nintendo64 and I liked it, but I didn’t enjoy it as much the 2D games.
Armageddon was the last MK I played, because in my mind, MK should be played the way it was introduced, standard sideview @ss kicking without a 3D environment in which to dodge or step.

To be completely honest, I kind of lost faith in the name Mortal Kombat.

BUT 2009 came. In this year, news came out that once again lighted a spark in my cooled down love for MK.

It was going to be old skool Mortal Kombat. Sceptical as I am, I was cautiously hyped.
Screenshots and footage started floating around the internet, details of the game started to surface.
Now, here we are. 2011.

I purchased this game and for the first time in 18 years, I left like the small boy who just saw the first MK in action. The sheer fact that I got it (without playing), sent joy and happiness through my entire being.

I have played it now for a few hours and I feel like the 12 year old again that I once was. Everything anyone would ever ask for is in here.

This isn’t so much a reboot of a franchise, no. This is fan service at the highest level, an hommage and big high five to all longtime fans of the series.

All fan favorites are there, the stages we all loved and embraced are back, we have an in depth Story mode, Krypt, Ladder, Challenge Tower, Online. Every single feature is kick-ass.

Looking at the game just shows that not just fans still love MK, but so do you. The attention to detail, remixed old skool soundtrack, the characters, every single thing is done right. This game is smothered in love and appreciation.

Sorry I took 5 minutes of your life, but it just has to be said.

Netherrealm, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH. You brought Mortal Kombat back the way it was always supposed to be. Gruesome, awesome and without a 3D world.

For the first time in 18 years, I have once again fallen in love with Mortal Kombat, something I saw as an impossibility 2 years back.

I don’t think I speak for myself. An entire community applauds you!

yours sincerely,

Member of the community

Haven't sent it yet. If you like, I can put your names on it as well. See what happens. ;)
So much appreciation in a time when all anyone does is nit-pick. I applaud you, sir. Well written, might I add.
Great letter you just explained exactly how I feel about this new MK, I can relate to your experience becuase I did the exact same thing, I saved my lunch money the whole week in order to play MK for 2-3 hours friday nights. Im 31 just like you were were doing the same thing back in 1992 and 1993 good times!
I feel the same way, Im actually jumping and twitching around in excitement for the new MK!!! I feel like a little kid whose about to get a brand new toy hes been dying for!!! Such a nice feeling! :D
I feel the same way, Im actually jumping and twitching around in excitement for the new MK!!! I feel like a little kid whose about to get a brand new toy hes been dying for!!! Such a nice feeling! :D
Yup, that's exactly how I felt when I went to pick it up Saturday.

took my son with me when he woke up from his midday nap (he 1,5 years old), went to the crowded city with a smile bigger than Joker's.
It was HOT an I forgot to put my coat in the car. It was very crowded and it only got hotter. I didn't mind. My son was playing with his tigger cuddly toy in the stroller and I was absorbing rays of sunlight.

Got there, payed for the game, went to a cafe, sat in the shade nipping a beer. My son got lemonade.

He had a trip and walk with dad and dad got his game. A win-win situation. :)
add my name! i haven't had the same experiences as you but i feel the same way when i played this MK :D