Most overated character and why? Most unerrated character and why?

Overrated: Scorpion because he's Boon's favorite and gets the most special treatment (which is a bit unfair).

Underrated: Jade. I know some like her (including me) but she needs more recognition!
Overrated: Mileena. Perverts like her for... obvious reasons. Well I'm not that stupid. She's got LOTS of turn-offs. Test-tube baby using the DNA of a grotesque species, cannibalistic, dressing, talking, and acting like a disreputable slut...need I say more?

Underrated: Liu Kang. Including both timelines, he has won SIX Mortal Kombat championships. One would think he's the Michael Jordan of MK (which I have said before on this forum)...At least he should be. The general public appreciates what Jordan did on the hardwood. Since Kang obviously isn't getting the respect he deserves simply because he's "boring", it's becoming clear to me now that the best real-life comparison to Liu Kang is Tim Duncan, who despite winning 5 championships (including this past season) does not get the respect he rightfully deserves and just gets labeled as "boring" (full disclaimer: I am a Tim Duncan fan, as well as the team he plays for). Well...I'll take boring over exciting any day if boring is what wins championships. Substance over style.

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Overrated: Raiden (MK9). He was a dumb*ss in MK9's story. Hated him.
Underrated: Shujinko. Although he will need a moveset overhaul, he was a great kharacter with a great story arc.
overrated - Shujinko, he's nothing.
underrated - Johnny Cage, he's awesome.


overrated - Scorpion, everyone plays that can.
underrated - Ermac, he's awesome.
Overrated -(storywise) Scorpion, SubZero. EAZY! The main story does not even revolve around those two. They are not the main heroes and villains, yet they are the most popular chars of the franchise because one wields ice powers(wow! ive never seen that before...) and one shouts "Get over here" ... OVER RATED! I like Scorpion but he's still overrated and their fanboys piss me off when they say bullshit like "oh NO ONE can beat Sub Zero or Scorpion..blah blah"...STFU.

Underrated - (Storywise) Like Tarkatan said, Liu is one of those underrated chars(storywise). Not many people give him credit for some of the shit he pulls off in the game, yet wanna condemn him for being a jackass to Raiden..when Raiden deserved it. Ultimately the central goal in MK is to defeat these villains and save the realm. Liu Kang has done that better than anyone in MK.

Dude defeated Scorpion(the most popular char) and Quan Chi at the same time, THEN fought Goro right afterwards, THEN Tsung right after Goro with NO kind of significant rest. Beat the newly created Ermac on first try, Physically beat down Shao Kahn. And all this is in just the ALT timeline. Dude needs the credit due him. Boring or no, he gets the objective DONE.

I think Reptile is underrated as well, or maybe just has potential to be more than what he's being portrayed as in the games. Storywise he can be SOO much more than just someone's lacky. He could be just as cunning and as much as a 'snake' as Shang Tsung.
Underrated in gameplay:

Baraka, Noob, Scorpion.

Baraka and Noob are great great GREAT when cornering an enemy, and Noob can zone pretty well and range greatly, and using his A,A,A combo (on 360) is pretty effective up close in really tight moments. Baraka's combos are relatively safe and using his spinning move helps trick players up very well. Scorpion, because he is easy to pick up, is underrated. I cannot count how many tough matches I won as Scorpion, just because he is reliable, fast, and can string long combos, even though every one goes for the same one which is not very effective with the lag from online play (the one with the jump kick teleport) I may post my combo from MK9 on here because it is easy, hits hard and high percent damage and is easy to hit online. I have never seen anyone do it online either.

Underrated in other terms:

Drahmin and Nightwolf...

Drahmin is an oni with a cool look and storyline (corrupt warlord damned in Hell now) and it sucks his moves turned out to be so cliche and ineffective beyond anything. I want to see him returned with cool moves.

Nightwolf is so powerful and unique, being the native american with a faith in Raiden despite he is not an asian character. He is a different type of character, with a cool personality (humble, angry at times, and powerful)

Overrated in gameplay: Kung Lao, Mileena, and Cyrax.

Kung Lao is fast up-close, but is pretty predictable from a distance. His teleports are easy to block or evade, and his hat throw (while can be guided) is still a little predictable as well. He is however, fun regardless and is powerful, I just think people overestimate him.

Mileena is extremely predictable after a while, and is more annoying than anything. She isn't too hard a hitter, and her speed is good but for how many people play her, I do not think she is that great a choice. Her combos are a little slow in exchange for fast specials, and leaves her kind of screwed against more brawler characters that can close distances fast. I do not find her fun to play.

Cyrax relies heavily on the bombs and is fast, and is used a lot. He is pretty high-tier in my opinion, but I find when you get passed that he needs to use enhancements and meter burning and his bombs are thrown a lot to set up moves and strategies (keeping pressure via the bombs) he is pretty predictable. As long as you are constantly thinking and moving, Cyrax cannot really match up very well physically up close or from afar...

Just my opinion. Every character can be played well, but you know that statistically there will be patterns. There are always exceptions.

Overrated in other terms: Reptile and Rain

Reptile is overrated, considering half his fans liked him as a human more than his current appearance. He barely speaks now in the games and is kind of popular for it, like Boba Fett was in the original trilogy. He is constantly being shit on by Midway and NRS and yet still finds a way of being loved.

Rain is all based on a joke, references all used to create one character. He was requested greatly for MK9, yet in online play did not last much longer than a week after his release. He is not played often and just seems like he is... there. He has almost no big or critical effect in the MK plot, and when he does, it is not made very evident or important.

That being said, all MK characters are equal regardless.
Overrated: Liu Kang - default japanese hero looks, default hero personality, straight forward moveset. The only good thing about him is his dragon morph fatality...fingers crossed if he is MKX boss, NRS will find a way to finally fix him.

Goro - i don't know about you, but when i hear "4 armed dude" he and MK instantly jump to my mind, to me he is just as symbolic for MK, as Scorpion & Sub-Zero

Reptile - always in the shadow of Scorpion & Sub-Zero and getting punching bag treatment in story, this creature deserve much better than this.

Overrated: Scorpion and Sub-zero. I know they´re favorites (even my favorite males), but their story doesn´t have any connection with the main storyline and it´s inconsequential.
Underrated: Reptile. His race and story have a lot of potential, I don´t understand how Ed hasn´t used it better.


Overrated: Shang Tsung, even if you think his clone power could be of use, his moves are so f@cking hard that he´s impossible to use.
Underrated: Stryker, his moveset is pretty awesome but yeah he hasn´t received the attention he deserves
Scorpion is definitely overrated... just look at all the love he gets. Course, he have them sexy tight leather pants which are nice lol and that's the only character I have to name because he's so everywhere that it bugs me. Sub-zero is a fan favorite too and he's pretty much everywhere too but Scorpion always feel more favored even in the game itself. Such unfairness.

Underrated? Every characters 'cept Scorpion and Sub-zero cuz they over shadow everyone! It's a plague! Plague! ARRRRRGH! *crazy screams of terror*
Overrated: Cyrax, Mileena, Kabal, Kung Lao & Kitana

Some of the more common characters used online in MK9 now, and lots of the time due it's due to Tourney players using those characters, and people don't even use them to their full potential.

Underrated: Rain, Shang Tsung, Nightwolf

Rain has a lot more to offer than people realize in his gameplay.
His moves are really good against different play styles characters, but people don't give him enough credit.

Shang is also pretty BEAST, if you can get the hang of his morph combos, and fight fire with fire.
It means knowing the whole roster a little more, but he can be pretty deadly.

Nightwolf is another good character, if you get to know his play-style.
He's a lot of fun to use.
Overrated- Scorpion , love playing as him ,but damn has he really done anything but chase Subzero (love him gettin the good guy treatment like Ermac did in the original timeline) Tremor

Underrated- Liu Kang ( the mans accomplishments are looked over because he is boring, hes still kicking ass)
Nightwolf, Jax, Sonya, Drahmin,Havik, Dairou, Ashrah
Overrated: Mileena and Scorpion. I used to love these characters alot. Don't get me wrong, they're still great characters (Minus Mileena's slut factor in MK9) but my admiration for them is spoiled. They do look amazing in MKX though.

Underrated: Kabal and Drahmin. Maybe its because I love obscure characters but I always thought these characters got more crap than they deserve. Kabal will always be in my top 3 favorites.

I would add Shinnok to underrated but I have a feeling he's about to have a ton of fans come MKX.
Overrated - Probably Liu Kang. I just find that we're at the point where you know what's coming with him. Gameplay wise I think his moves have just became monotonous. Storywise you know he'll just roll up to save the day as per usual. It's usually just a new version of the same thing with him.

Underrated - I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say someone like Sareena. I think they really could have done something more with her. I enjoyed her in MK A because it was finally a chance to properly get your hands on her. I think she has a great backstory which could have been beefed up. It also would have given another dimension to Sub-zero aside from his ongoing rivalry with Scorpion. Especially in MK X we're getting Quan Chi, Shinnok and a whole lot of Netherealm, I thought it would have been a great way to finally put Sareena to use.
overrrated: quanchi, scorpion and the stupid borraicho, cause nrs has added a major concentration on them across different aspect of gamaplay, history mode ect ect, also boon ´s favorite useeless characters.

underrated: Sub-zero is most smart character and nrs try to hide it acros the last games.
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Overrated: Quan Chi: Now don't get me wrong. He's as good, or bad a villain as they come, along with Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. But he's TOO powerful. So, why is he in the overrated column? Because he's too powerful. Yeah, when you can clone yourself, morph into other characters, have Shinnok's invincible amulet in hand and can trick more people than anyone else I've counted, that makes for a near unstoppable guy. But MK shouldn't be about difficult, not impossible. Only Scorpion has beaten him severely throughout the games. And how about make him not have the amulet in his hands for one game (likely the next one). But I mean when he returns.

Underrated: Motaro. With Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung dead, Goro appearing to be neutral and uninvolved, what about the centaur who has only made TWO appearances as someone to fight with and against? I know about the issue of fitting him into a 3d game, but back in the 2d era he was incredibly difficult to beat (I could only beat him with Sub-Zero). Hope they can get this issue fixed and the 4-legged one can come back in a role. Would have been nice to see him be the one.

Overrated: They always involve Earthrealm and usually Outworld in some way. Other realms have been mentioned and developed but...

Underrated: Others have generally not been given their due for storyline development in general, especially Edenia. More focus on that realm and their battles would be nice.
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