Mortal Kombat: Rise of Darkness (Mortal Kombat/Killzone Fanfiction)

That kid didn't make a fanfic.
He was sprouting random match-ups that most people didn't give a shit about

Yantja actually took the time to write a fanfic of his crossover rather than, "HEY POST YOUR MATCH-UPS FOR INFAMOUS AND SHAQ-FU!!!!!"
That kid didn't make a fanfic.
He was sprouting random match-ups that most people didn't give a shit about

Yantja actually took the time to write a fanfic of his crossover rather than, "HEY POST YOUR MATCH-UPS FOR INFAMOUS AND SHAQ-FU!!!!!"
Shaq fu and infamous, you madman thats has made me cry with laughter. Im gonna write a fan fic in memory of tekkenball fan lol
Whelp, here's chapter 6! This one is a little bit rushed so don't except much, but I still hope you enjoy!

Chapter 6

Milenna was the first to act, throwing both her sai's at Radec, but Radec deflected the first one and dogged the second and in an instant, he turned on his cloaking field and was gone. Milenna was still in her fighting stance,tense, waiting for Radec to make a wrong move that would expose himself.

And before she could make another move, Radec chopped her in the back of the neck and side kicked her in the back, causing her to fall to the ground as Radec advanced on her, ready to end her life. But Milenna retaliated by kicking him hard in the stomach, causing him to lose his balance for about three seconds, giving Milenna the opportunity to get up and deliver a punch across his face and a kick to his leg, Radec shook this off and began throwing a series of punches in Milenna direction, half of witch she blocked, at one point Radec took out his knife, about to stab her in the stomach but she grabbed his arm and twisted it, causing him to lose his grip on the knife. Radec shook her and punched her square in the face, causing her to fall back over, after a moment, Radec said "Some challenge that was." and began to walk away.

But Milenna wasn't done yet, she quickly got up and pulled off her mask, revealing her huge and sharp teeth, and began to charge at Radec.

It was then that Captain Detric shouted "Radec look out!", It happened in slow motion, Radec pulled out his pistol, turned around, aimed at Milenna's knee caps, and fired, causing her to fall face first onto the floor.

Radec walked over to her, turned her on her back and aimed the gun at her head, while he did that, two HAZMAT troopers walked in, unknowingly to anyone in the room. But the Colonel did not fire, instead he put his gun back in his holster and said "Your purposes will be served else ware."

Detric gave a surprised look under his helmet "Radec, your going to spare this woman?" he said

"Yes, she will be of great use to us." Radec said

"How so Colonel?" the Captain asked

"Simple, she will be used as a test subject for the Chairman. Her abilities in combat may prove useful to our soilders, we could use her DNA to help us win this war." said Radec

"Very impressive Colonel, but know comes your final challenge, you shall face ME!!!" Shao Khan said, charging at Radec. Bur before he could even get close to him, the HAZMAT troopers acted firing there Arc Guns at Shao Khan, in an instant, Shao Khan stopped and fell to his knees.

"H-How?" he asked

"Advanced weaponry Emperor." Radec said, walking over to Shao Khan, pointing the pistol to his head.

"Goodbye." Radec said before pulling the trigger, ending Shao Khans life.

"You." Radec said, pointing at a nearby Helghast solider. "I want you to contact Stahl and tell him to start up his portal, we have prisoners to transport."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible Colonel." one of the HAZMAT troopers said.

"Why not?" the Colonel asked

"We need that portal so Orlock and Sandow can start up there invasions, three day cool down, remember?"

"Meanining we'll be stuck here for six days." Detric said

"That will do, they will stay here in the meantime." Radec said

"They sir?" Detric asked

"That one too." Radec said, pointing at Baraka "He also has skills that we can extract."

"Okay, shall I take them to the dungeons we saw earlier?" Detric asked

"Yes, and Captain, you don't have to be gentle." Radec added

"Got sir, alright you four, drag them to the dungeons and lock them up." Detric ordered to the four Helghast soilders standing near him. The soilders saluted and the first two grabbed Milenna by both arms and dragged her of, the other two did the same for Baraka.

"What shall we do now sir?" Detric asked

"Like I said Captain, this dimension, or realm as he called it" Radec said, sitting in Shao Khans chair "is no property of the Helghast Empire."
Well, here's chapter 7! Credit goes to de_nhoj for some name ideas, enjoy!

Chapter 7

"Ten minuites till we get to the portal!" the pilot said to Artric over the intercomm. Atric was currently in one of the Python's personal dropships with men he had handpicked for this operation: Ragnok, Ordic, Centric, Gordar, and Sartec.

Ragnok was the heavy, he's killed more people than the whole Helghast Third Army, a literal one man army.

Ordic was the sniper, getting top marks at Radec Academy, and managing to take out a whole platoon on Vekta, made him an expert marksman.

Centric was the medic, he proved himself of saving life's when he saved Visari's life during a failed ISA assassination attempt shortly after the failed invasion of Vekta.

Gordar was the pyro, and an expert at his job, with the ability to use his flamethrower as if it were a mere rifle.

And finally Sartec was demolitions, able to blow anything to kingdom come, he proved himself when he blew up a whole tank division back on Vekta.

These five men were selected by the Major himself to carry out a sabotage operation in the dimension they were heading to, they were going to be going in stealthily, trying not to attract as much to no attention to themselves as possible. There would be going in before the main invasion, to try and weaken the enemies defenses as much as possible, and to signal the main invasion force, and to attempt to capture the enemies ruler.

They were all briefed and all knew the risks, but Pythons were trained to be fearless and ruthless, that's what made them the most elite unit in the Helghan nation.

"Were coming up on the portal now!" the pilot announced

"Alright, saddle up guys, we'll be deploying soon!" Atric said, as everyone strapped there seat belts in.

"Lauching in five, four, three, two, one!" the pilot said, as the ship jumped through the portal, and came into Edenia at nighttime, cloaked.

"All right were through, I don't think anyone saw us, you can take off the seat belts." the pilot said, as everyone took of there belts and Atric went up to the front.

"Theres a good place to set us down." Atric said, pointing at a mountain.

"Got it, were coming up on it know, get ready to deploy." the pilot said, as Arric went to rejoin his men.

"Alright, were deploying in one minute, get ready." Atric said

The men complied and began to hook there ropes up to repel down onto the ground. The attaches opened and one by one the Pythons repeled down to the ground below.

"Keep in radio contact and stay out of sight." Atric said over the comm to the pilot.

"Roger, and good luck." the pilot said, before taking off.

"Alright Pythons, move out!" Atric said, as him and his men begin to descend down the mountain.
So sorry it took me forever to read your amazing updates. Great work. The invasion is going pretty damn smooth. Wonder if the opposition has anything to counter attack with
I know it's been a while since the last chapter, but here's chapter 8, enjoy! (sorry this ones so short)

Chapter 8

"This is a total waste of time!" Ragnok said over the silent comm "They had us come in to investigate this dimension that has no advanced technology what so ever!?"

Ragnok had a point, this was to the Pythons a total waste of time, the enemy had no air force and no tanks, and frankly no kind of guns what so ever. The soldiers here used spears and swords, and were rather easy to kill. Right now they were right outside of the palace's main gates.

"Sir, should we signal the invasion force and attack the palace?" Ordic asked

"Yes, I think we should. Centric begin to launch the flare, Sartec as soon as the flare goes up, blow the main gates." Atric said

The two men complied and began to set up.

Meanwhile in the palace, Rain was tied up and sitting on a chair in small room, with Jade interrogating him.

"Now I'll ask you again, what is Shao Kahn planing?" Jade asked, holding Rain by the throat.

"If I knew that, I wouldn't tell you." Rain said, spitting in Jade's face. This caused Jade to take out her poll and say "If you don't tell me I'll-" but before she could finish her sentence, a guard came bursting into the room shouting "Ma'am! There's been a portal sighted ion the sky!" and at that moment, a huge explosion was heard outside.

"What was that?" she asked letting go of Rain's throat, but still keeping her poll out "Send a unit out and investigate what's going on." She ordered.

"Yes ma'am!" the guard said.

"Alright the gates are blown!" Sartec said.

"Go! Go! Go!" Atric ordered, as he and his men charged into the palace. Inside a unit of guards waited for them and charged at them, but were quickly put down by the Pythons.

"Let's split up, Gordar, Ordic with me. Sartec, Ragnok and Centric will go a different route, understood?" Atric asked

"Yes sir!" they shouted.

"Alright let's move out!" Atric shouted, as he, Gordar, Ordic went left. While Sartec, Ragnok, and Centric went right.
Whelp, here's chapter 9, enjoy!

Chapter 9

"All ships and systems check out Admiral." one of the pilots said

"Good, deploy the drop ships at once." Orlock ordered

"Sir, wouldn't be a better idea use our Arc cannons until they submit?" One solider asked

"No, because one, we need this dimension intact for resource harvesting, and two, the Major is down there, and I'm not going to risk losing our most elite unit." Orlock said

"Okay, sorry sir." The solider said

"Good, now deploy drop ships!" Orlock ordered

Meanwhile in the palace, Atric, Gordar, and Ordic were all in front of a hall of soldiers. Atric responded by taking out one of his custom made blades and said "Leave this to me."

"Yes sir." both men said, taking a step back, and in that instant, Atric had vanished, leaving some of the soldiers confused. When all of a sudden, one was picked up by the throat and thrown against the wall hard. Some of the other soldiers responded by charging but were cut in half by an invisible blade, some other charged but were all delt with quickly, some were thrown against the wall, some were cut in half.

Only two remained, it was at this point the Atric revealed himself, one pulled out a dagger and shouted "Take this!" and tried to stab Atric, but Atric was to quick for him and grabbed his arm, broke it, and slashed the soldiers torso, the other one was backed against the wall in fear, Atric slowly went up to him, and quick as lightning, impaled him through the chest and lifted him in the air.

"W-Who are you?" he asked, but Atric's response was to spin the soldier around and kick him hard into the wall.

"Impresive handy work sir." Gordar said

"Enough about that, we have a meeting with royalty." Atric said, as he, Gordar, and Ordic pressed on, eventually reaching the doors to the throne room, to find Ragnok, Centric, and Sartec there.

"Glad you could make it sir." Centric said

"So am I, is this the door to the throne room?" Atric asked

"Yes sir." Ragnok said

"Good, Ragnok break the doors down, Gordar burn anyone that's stupid enough to face us." Atric ordered

"Yes sir!" both men said. In a few moments, Ragnok had kicked one of the huge doors of it's hinges, and a whole unit of Edenian soldiers charged forward, but Gordar was to quick for them, and shot his flamethrower at them, burning all the soldiers that charged forward, the six men entered. Where they found two women, one dressed in blue with two fans in her hands, and one dressed in green, with a pole in her hand.

"You will not come any further." the one in green said, Gordar toke a step forward, ready to burn them alive, but Atric said "Back away, I will deal with these two, myself." and pressed a button on his suit with then turned on his Artificial muscles and charged forward.