Mortal Kombat: Rise of Darkness (Mortal Kombat/Killzone Fanfiction)


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Well here it is, the MK and KZ crossover I promised, credit goes to Shirayuki Mizore for the title idea

Chapter 1

"Will be arriving at Stahl Arms in a few minuites Autarch." The Helghast pilot said over the intercom

"Good, I'm anxious to see what Stahl has created that he wants mento see so badly." Scolar Visari said

"With all do respect Autarch, I don't trust Stahl." said Admiral Orlock

"Note taken Admiral, but with out Stahl, Helghan wouldn't have the weapons too fight the ISA." Visari replied

"And unlike you Orlock, I trust him." Colonel Mael Radec replied

"Speak when spoken to Colonel." Orlock replied bitterly

"Yes Sir." Radec spat out

"Now now I can't have both of my high ranking officers at their throut can I?" Visari said

"If there's one man I have a problem with it's Sandow, with all due respect Autarch, and Admiral." Radec replied

"Sir, were touching down now." The pilot said as the Visari's personal flyer touched down on the landing pad, with Jorhan Stahl waiting on it, waiting to greet Visari, Radec, and Orlock.

"I'm so glad you could come Autarch." Stahl said, shaking Visari's hand.

"I'm certain you have brought me here for a good reason Chairman?" Visari said.

"Yes indeed Autarch now if you will follow me inside I'm sure your freezing." Stahl said, as they entered the base. As they went through the hall of the base, they saw many weapons tests taking place, manly on ISA prisoners they had captured from Vekta, it took them about ten minutes to where Stahl wanted to show them the new device he had created that, to him would no doubt will make the Helghast with the war with the ISA.

They entered a big room with this huge portal like thing in the center.

"Gentlemen, I give you the thing that will no doubt help Helghan win this war." Stahl said

"What might this be Stahl?" Radec asked

"This is a teleporter Colonel, witch has picked up locations of three other dimensions."

"Dimensions, chairman?" Visari asked

"Yes Autarch, dimensions." Stahl replied

"What possible use would we have with this?" Orlock said

"I was just about to get to that before I was rudely interrupted Admiral." Stahl said irritably "We could enter these dimensions for several reasons."

"Like?" Orlock asked

"We could force slave labor on there populations, drain them for resources, and maybe use there army's to fight the ISA." Stahl said. Visari gave an approving nod and said "I like your plan Stahl but I have two questions. One, have you tested it? And two, are these dimensions on anyway populated?"

"The answer to both of your questions is yes Autarch, I had sent several test subjects through the portals in early development, the rue it's were rather unpleasant but with further tweaks I was able to send even more people through, I had even sent some of my troops trough to check for any signs of life and they confirmed it." Stahl replied

"Is this capable of sending large armies through?" Radec asked

"Well I've never sent an army through but I can assure you that nothing will go wrong." said Stahl. Visari have another approving nod and said "Then its settled, we shall take to fight to other worlds and use them to remove the pitiful ISA from the face of the galaxy! But we must act quick, the ISA will no doubt attack our home for our failed attempt to retake Vekta, Orlock, I want you, Radec and his cousin,Sandow, and Detric to meet me back in my war room, now come, we have much to attend to Colonel."

Before Visari left Orlock asked "You want Sandow too?"

"Yes Admiral, Sandow too." said Visari before he and Radec left.


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Before I get hyped up for the next chapter, (this one was excellent by the way) who are the good guys and bad guys of Killzone. I'm so lost


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This is really cool, but I have a hard time following the story because I never played Killzone before. Could you post some Art of some of the non MK characters. It will help the ones who haven't played Killzone visualize the story a lot better ;)


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Well everyone, here's chapter 2, hope you like it

Chapter 2

Visari, Orlock, Detric, Radec and his cousin all sat at Visari's personal war room, wait for General Marke Sandow to arrive.

"Where the hell is he!? He was supposed to he here a half hour ago!" Radec's cousin, Major Atric Radec, leader of the Helghast's elite Python unit, shouted.

"Patience Major, he will come, eventually." Visari said, and with those words, a man with a highly decorative officer uniform, an eye patch on his left eye, a bald head, and a beard bursted into the room, painting.

"I apologize for keeping you gentlemen waiting now let's get down to business." Sandow said, taking a seat next to Colonel Radec.

"Your just about a half hour late General." Captain Arel Detric said.

"Speak when spoken to Captain, now as I said let's get down to business." the General said as Detric shot him a hostile look under his helmet.

"Alright, now I'm sire some of you are wondering why I called you for this meeting, its because we have the means to beat the ISA once and for all!" Visari said

"And what that might be Autarch?" Atric asked

"Chairman Stahl has created portal technology that can teleport us into different dimensions. Now I'm sure your wondering what good this will do for us. think of the possibilities, we could force there civilizations to work for use, use there resources to help us in this war, and with a bit of luck, use there armies to help us fight the ISA." Visari said

"Has this been tested by the chairman sir?" Detric asked

"Yes, and he is confident that we will be able to send large armies through. Now, is there any questions that anyone would like to ask before I assign who will be invading each dimension and who there second in command will be?" Visari asked, Sandow raised his hand.

"Yes General?" Visari asked

"I would like too say that this all sounds great, but is it really a good idea to send half of our military force throe these portals without considering the fact that the ISA will no doubt attack our planet after our failed invasion of Vekta?" Sandow asked

"I will have to agree with the General on this one Autarch, the ISA will no doubt attack our home after our failed attempt to retake Vekta." Detric said

"Captain, the ISA are probably right now cleaning up the mess we made back on Vekta, it will most likely take them a while to organize a invading force." said Atric

"Worst case scenario, the ISA attack while were invading some other dimension." said Sandow, "And another thing, are you sure we should start another attack without talking with the counsel first?"

"The counsel does not lead this nation general, I do. Now is there any other questions?" Visari asked, after a few moments when no-one answered, Visari said "Good, now it's time to assign dimensions and second in commands, start the projector." said Visari, the project on the far side of the room started up, and a picture of what looked like a barren wasteland appeared on the wall.

"Colonel, you will be assigned this dimension, your second in command will be Captain Detric, any questions?" Visari asked

"Just one Autarch, what kind of people live there?" Radec asked

"Stahls recon teams managed to get pictures of some of the life there." Visari said as a creature who looked like a demented elf appeared on the wall.

"Good God what is that!?" Sandow asked

"That is entirely unknown at this time, but one of his troops reported seeing blades coming out of there arms." Visari said "They also managed to get pictures of a fortress that is most likely where there ruler lives." Visari continued as a picture of a huge fortress was shown on the wall.

"So this place is most likely a monarchy or something like that, this should be easy, but I should never underestimate our foes." Radec said

"Good, Now Admiral" Visari continued as a picture of a rather lush and alive looking dimension was shown on the wall "You will be assigned this dimension, your second in command will be Major Radec, any questions?"

"Same as the Colonel's Autarch, what kind of people live there?" Orlock asked

"So far the life Stahl's troops took pictures of seems more human than the one the Colonel will be invading." said Visari as a picture of two women appears on the wall, one dressed in green, the other dressed in blue.

"No further questions Autarch." Orlock said

"Good, now from what Stahls troops picked up, this is mostly likely the place where there ruler lives." Visari said as a picture of a palace appears the wall.

"So this is most likely a monarchy too, hopefully this will be a swift invasion." Orlock said

"Excellent, now General." Visari said as a picture of a modern looking city appeared on the wall.

"You will be assigned this dimension, since you already have a second in command there's no need to worry about that, and the population is human to if you were going to ask, now is there any other questions you want to ask?" Visari asked

"None at all Autarch." Sandow said

"Good, now is there anything anyone would like to say, speak now." said Visari

"Yes Autarch, the dimension I'm invading looks like earth during the twenty-first century, so this could mean that Stahl may have caused some sort of time rift for mine, and if that the case then we will establish the Helghan Empire before there is even a UCN, witch makes invading the other dimensions a complete waste of our time." Sandow said

"Unlikely General, the Chairman told me that these dimensions are somehow connected." said Radec

"Meaning Colonel?" Sandow asked

"That we may have stumbled on some sort of......rift or something." Radec said

"Interesting theory Colonel, now if there anything else anyone would like to say, speak." Visari said, after a few moments of silence Visari said "Good, now we will be invading these dimensions one at a time." Visari said

"One at a time sir?" Sandow asked

"Yes because one, the Chairman's portal needs three days to cool down after use, and two so we can have time for you three to organize your forces. now the Colonel will be the first to invade, followed by the Admiral, then finally the General. Now Colonel I would begin assembling your army now, your invasion will begin in three days." said Visari

"Yes Autarch." Radec said

"Good, now the rest of you are dismissed." Visari said as everyone got up and left to prepare there armies.

After a few hours, both of the Radec's met outside of Visari's palace.

"So cousin, this may be the last time we see each other." Atric said

"Don't say that Atric, we will see each other again, and when we do, Helghan will not only be the ruling force in the galaxy, but in other worlds as well. And both of us will be heroes in the end." said Radec

"Like we haven't accomplished anything, look at you, head bodyguard of the Autarch himself." said Atric

"And you, Commander of the this nation's most elite combat unit." Radec said

Yeah, both of us have established names in the Helghan military." Atric said

"Yes our fathers would be proud of us, now if you will excuse me cousin, I must assemble my invading force." Radec said

"I understand Mael, I hope you invasion goes well." said Atric

"As does yours with Orlock." said Radec, they both nodded and shook hands before going sperate ways.


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Sorry this chapter came a little to quick but here it is, enjoy!

Chapter 3

"Status report." Radec said

"All ships are accounted for Colonel." Detric said, Radec and Detric were currently above a deserted stretch of wasteland, the Portal in midair with them and Helghast cruisers next to them left and right.

"Are we ready for launch?" Radec asked

"Yes sir!" one of the pilots said.

"Good, now open a channel to all ships, I want to give a speech." said Radec

"Yes sir!" the pilot said, pressing some buttons "Alright, comma are up sir, were ready when you are."

"Good." Radec said as he cleared his throat and said "You are all here for one reason, to fight. But today we are not fighting the ISA. No, we are fighting an enemy more dangerous and savage then they are. Some of us may not make it back, but remember that you will be doing this in service to Helghan, our nation, or planet, our home, for honor, for our families, for the Autarch, but most importantly, FOR HELGHAN!!!!" some people on the bridge and on the comms cheered and even whistled.

"Now prepare to launch!" Radec ordered

"Launching in 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45"

Meanwhile in Outworld, the sorcerer Shang Tsung was on his knees, begging for his life.

"Please my emperor I will find a way to take earthrealm, just give me more time-"

"I have given you enough time sorcerer now you will-" hut before he could finish, Baraka came bursting in the room shouting "Emperor, there has been a huge portal sighted in the sky."

"What!?" Shao Khan shouted

Meanwhile back on Helghan, the countdown was almost over.

"15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch." And with that, all the ships jumped through the portal and a second later, they appears in Outworld.

"All ships report in!" said Radec


"Were okay!"

"All systems are nominal on this end sir!"

"And us?" Radec asked

"Were fine." the second pilot said

"Good, begin to deploy dropships, let the invasion begin." Radec said, the cruisers on the other ships obeyed his command, and troops began to get into there assigned dropships, one solider pointed at one dropship, and shot his arm down, signaling to lauch, the ship complied and detached from the cruiser and headed for the surface, the troop did this to the other dropships until they were all gone.

The dropships were feet the groud and opened there hatches from and Helghast soldiers rappelled out from the ships and on to the ground below them.

"Alright, I want a perimeter set up now and get the tanks rolling up and-"

"Sir, I think we have company!" the private interrupted before his sergeant could finish. A whole army of Tarkata warriors came charging at their position.

"Open fire!" the sergeant shouted as the soldiers squeezed on thier triggers firing at the warriors.

The invasion of Outworld had begun.
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Welp, here chapter 4, enjoy!

Chapter 4

"Get those heavies and tanks up here NOW!!!!" the Helghast sergeant shouted

The invasion had been lasting about 14 hours, with the Helghast taking only a medium amount of casualties, while the Tarkta took the heaviest toll, but for what they had lacked in numbers, they made up for strength, it took about ten bullets to put one of them down. but the Helghast were making somewhat swift progress in there invasion, right now they were at Shao Khans fortress.

"Sir, the enemy has set up a fortified position on the main gates, we need tanks to blow through!" the corporal shouted

"Roger." the sergeant said "801st Tank Battalion, this is Sergeant Karka, we need you to get up here and blow the gates open, over!"

"Sergeant Karka this is the 801st Tank Battalion we are en route to the fortress, ETA 6 minuites!"

"Solid copy! Sergeant Karka out!" the sergeant said, cutting of the communication.

Meanwhile at the tank group, one of them was receiving a communication from the Colonel. "Messege coming in from Colonel Radec sir." one of the crewmen said

"Patch it through." the driver said

"Colonel Radec to the 801st Tank Battalion, how goes the push to the fortress?"

"Good Colonel." the driver said as they approached the fortress.

"Are you close?" Radec asked

"Yes Colonel, we've reached the main gates. The front entrance will be down momentarily, you and the Captain may start your landing."

"Good, Radec out." Radec said, cutting the communication. They had approached the main tanks when the Lieutenant in charge "All tanks, focus fire on the main gates, and fire on my mark!" he said as the tanks all aimed at the gates "Ready......Aim........FIRE!!!" he shouted, at the instant, the gate was blow apart along with the Tarkta warriors around it by the tanks rockets.

"Thanks for the assist Lieutenant." Sergeant Karka said

"Glad to be of service Sergeant." the Lieutenant said

"All right, I want the Shock Troopers to go in first, followed by the Heavies and-"

"I will take it from here Sergeant." Sergeant Karka jumped and turned around to see Colonel Radec and Captain Detric behind.

"Colonel Radec and Captain Detric sir!" Sergeant Karka said

"Good, now everyone follow this mans plan, Shock Troopers will go in first, followed by the Heavies and LMG Troopers, now get to it!" Radec ordered as everyone complied.

"Come Captain, let's go introduce ourselves to there ruler." Radec said, as both him and Detric entered the fortress.

Meanwhile in Shao Khans throne room, a Tarka warrior came in shouting "Emperor! The enemy has blown through the main gates and are in the fortress!"

Shao Khan gave an unpleased look and said "Baraka, said out all available troops we have to fight our invaders, but keeps your best troops in here for my protection." Shao Khan ordered

"Yes emperor." Baraka said as he shout for the rest of his Traka warriors to go intercept the enemy, but also telling the best ones to stay here.

Mileena, I want you and Baraka to stay at my side." Shao Khan said, Mileena nodded and her and Baraka both went to their Shao Khan side, waiting for the enemy.


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Damn this fanfic is going nicely man. I can feel the military feel through it and it is just wondebar.
Keep up the good work sir


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Well I present to you chapter 5, enjoy!

Chapter 5

"This rooms clear!" a Helghast solider shouted

"Same on this end!" another one shouted. The Helghast so far had cleared about four floors of the fortress, Radec and Detric behind all the fighting.

"Hey Colonel, you better take a look at this." a Private said as both the Colonel and Captain came up to room the Private mentioned. Inside were two huge green tubes and a chair in the middle.

"This hell is this?" Detric asked

"I'm not sure." the Private said, but before they could investigate any further, a Helghast solider came up to them and said "Colonel, we've reached the throne room."

Radec gave a pleased look under his helmet and said "Excellent, now as I said Captain, let's go introduce ourselves to there ruler." as hime and Detric walked on until they came up to the doors of the throne room.

"Heavies up front, I want you two to break these doors down and take down anything that looks like these things." Radec said, pointing at one of the Tarkta that was laying dead on the floor. The heavies nodded and both went on each side of the door.

"On three." Radec said "One......Two.......THREE!!!!" the heavies complied and both sides of the door were kicked open, followed by the heavies opening fire in the throne room with Tarkta warriors charging at them.

The warriors were no match for the heavies and there mini guns, it cut through them like a hot knife through butter. In seconds, the Tarkta warriors were all taken down by the heavies, Baraka then decided to charge at them but was shot in both legs by Radec, incapacitating him.

Both Radec and Detric walked up to Shao Khan, unafraid of what will happen to them.

After a moment Radec said "So you must be the ruler of this dimension."

"I am Shao Khan, Emperor of Outworld! Who are you, and why have you invaded us!?" Shao Khan shouted

"Ah where are my manners, I am Colonel Mael Radec, and this is Captain Arel Detric, and as of today, your dimension is now property of the Helghast Empire, cooperate and you and your people will be under our protection, any resistance will be met with brute force."

"You think I'm just going to give up my realm with out a fight!?" Shao Khan shouted

"I would advise that you should listen to the Colonel, your armies lay decimated and your surrounded, I think it would be best to surrender." said Detric. After a moment Shao Khan said "I will surrender to you, if you complete one challenge Colonel."

"And what might that be Emperor?" Radec asked

"You will fight my daughter, Milenna in Mortal Kombat." Shao Khan said. After another moment Radec said "I accept, and I lose than we shall leave and never come back."

Both Milenna and Radec stepped up to the fighting ring and got into there fighting positions with Radec taking out his knife, and Milenna taking out her sai's

"FIGHT!!!" Shao Khan shouted


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DBSFTekkenFan man did better than this and you all rubbished, ruined and ruptured him. Resident Evils vs Castlevania was good.