Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

Nobody is playing Sub-Zero. Really wanted to see him

Been switching between the NetherRealm and WB streams and the celebrities have been using Sub-Zero, but they suck with him.

SonicFox is currently using Sonya Blade vs Rewind (Raiden).
Nice! This time hopefully Cassie will more sassy.

Also Jacqui Briggs where did you find out about Cassie being confirm.
I'll be shocked if Mileena is not playable. She's one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

I wanna know if besides she'll be on game, if she will be NPC or not....because all rumors say about this horrible - and non sense - possibility... so, we have Baraka playable, will be crazy if Mileena doesnt be ....
Well Sonic Fox’s MK11 main has Rain on it. So that all but confirms Rain as well.

This is probably just trolling by SonicFox. Why would those guys have access to a different build of the game to the one being shown at the event? That's the version they're using for their mini-tournaments, right?
Sonya and Cassie in the same game again... seems like a waste of one of the few spots we have....

That voice doesn't sound like Cassie at all to me, too serious. Young Sonya.

I agree with this. She looks/sounds too old to be Cassie. Sonya doesn't look very old as it is (though could just be younger timeline).
Yeah! They're bringing Kung Lao and Liu Kang from the past to battle revenant Kung Lao and Emperor Liu Kang lol

Now that's what i wanted to see about them.
If it's not Cassie which I doubt it isn't then fine life goes on and I'm sure she'll be confirmed or deconfirmed in no time. It definitely doesn't sound like Ronda though and I can't imagine the Neatherealm team hiring someone else to voice a "young" Sonya. Also as it has happened to other characters already. "Cassie's" voice actress could had simply been changed hence her voice sounding older