Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

Is it just me or do Sonya and Cassie have really rounded chubby faces? Well Cassie more so but they both seem a little oddly shaped. The quality of the faces is fine I just don't think they look like very attractive women, not that it matters because ugly girls need love too lol.
5: Ed Boon LYING again, he will put the most asked for characters IN the game... Yeah right, then where are Rain, Havik, Reiko, Fujin and Noob? They better be all revealed then.

Rain is supposedly 1 of the characters on the main menu, so it's possible that he's in.
I've seen it all now and I must say I, all in all, I am impressed and can't wait to play the game. I don't understand people who call themselves MK fans, people who are active on a forum etc. complaining so childish like "If ... isn't in, I'm not playing". WTF? Seriously, Babality on you lol.

Some people are just here to complain. They've complained before MK11 was announced, they've complained after the reveal trailer was released and now they're complaining though today's information contradicts their apprehensions. Seriously, we've seen Scorpion and Raiden, yes, but it isn't like NRS did not surprise us after all. Or would you have expected to see bad ass Baraka, a revamped Skarlet and an all new character? Since Skarlet has been nothing more than a glitch and DLC for MK9 she is sort of new as well.

And please, don't be afraid concerning Fujin. I am sure he will make the cut this time, Rain too. Noob and Jade are pretty sure to assume as well.
MK Twitter posted a pic of Geras with the caption "With each death, he is reborn smarter and stronger"

I was shocked to see Skarlet at the reveal today. Love the fact that NRS decide to put red streaks in her hair instead full flat out red.

The only issue I have with Skarlet is that I find that her style is too short. Would’ve preferred Skarlet having long hair and in a pony tail.
At this point (atleast for me) the issue is a combination of a few things:
1) MKDA and MKD were released back to back and, for better or worse, drastically changed up the rosters in interesting ways.
2) MKD in particular brought back fan favorites from MK3 specifically because most of them were non-existent in MK4 and MKDA.
3) Mortal Kombat is the only fight aside from DoA and to some extent Tekken where the audience actually cares about the story. They even showcased a story teaser on stage at a gameplay reveal event. Do you know how terrible Dragon Ball Z would be if the only people you saw fighting in every season were the Z-Fighters, Vegita, Nappa, and Raditz?
4) People literally asked them for post-MK3 characters since MK9's dlc and they still failed to deliver. Knowing that over 1/3 of the roster isn't from MK4, MKX, or the PS2-era is very worrying considering only 14 or less characters are gonna be split between Classics, Post-Classics, and MKX newbies.

The only way people would be more considerate is in the case of SFV (if it started with 24 characters) where you can get the DLC for free by playing the game or if they play russian-roulette and put DLC characters as NPC fights in the story mode.

You don't need a lot of characters to make a story. Even a single character is sufficient enough for a story if the writer digs deep in the character's point of view. In practice, MKX's story mode didn't really take advantage of all of the characters they had. Ferra/Torr, like Reptile, was just a another minion to get beat up by the heroes, they were barely even in the story to begin with.

As someone that rarely gravitates towards the faces of any fighting game, I can somewhat sympathize with people who are worried that their favorite (but not necessarily popular) character won't make it. At the same time, even if the character I want the most doesn't make it, I can either enjoy the game for what it does have or find something else I'll be happier with. It's unreasonable to expect a game to cater to your personal taste in every way.

I think at least this time they could have started out with 28-30 characters. Especially considering Injustice 2 had 28 at launch.

But hey, there's people that actually think all fighters should have an Armageddon and Smash Ultimate sized roster. Which even I have to admit is unrealistic.

25 characters is pretty solid and not that far from the arbitrary 28-30 that you are suggesting. Fighting games by Ark System Works typically start with less than 15 before building it with updates, so it could have been worse. And yes, some players have lost sight of how lucky they are with how far fighting games have come in terms of character selection.
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5: Ed Boon LYING again, he will put the most asked for characters IN the game... Yeah right, then where are Rain, Havik, Reiko, Fujin and Noob? They better be all revealed then.

I feel like Netherrealm knows they did Baraka/Sindel/Rain fans dirty with that BS story mode NPC thing. I think all 3 of them are likely to be in MK 11 because of that (well, Baraka is already confirmed). I would also be extremely surprised (and dissapointed, he is my favorite character) if Noob wasn't in the game. Fujin I feel might make it, though maybe as DLC.
It isn't looking good for Havik, Reiko and other MK4/MKDA/MKD characters with the amount of roster spots. Then again, they might surprise us like they did with Skarlet, but I'm pessimistic about that.
Apparently Johnny Cage can be seen on the character select screen in the behind the scenes video.

They are standing next to each other in what looks like a story cut-scene, but the select screen doesn't look like that.
MKX has shown that characters can be in story mode but not playable.
Another question: What do you think about the Fatalities stopping at a certain point? Like the eye popping out in Skarlet‘s fatality?
Kano is massively disappointing. If anything, I was at least hoping for his son. Like I really feel like the same Knife and laser guy he's been since MK3 could sit this one out.