Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

To start with the obvious question:
Multiverse or A Combination of Gears & Variations? Remember, these reveal trailers are not canon to the actual story.
I wasn't expecting such thing today, hyyyyyyyype!!

Dark Raiden FTW! Well, either that's time travel or MK is going the multiverse DC/Injustice vibe. The first Scorpion is much closer to MKX's, and the other very like MK4.

Still, that godly figure next to an hourglass...Elder God? Time travel theory with a small argument on its favor?

And interesting choice of characters, if the game ever follows into a battle like this, it seems Hanzo would not come into well terms with Raiden after what happened. And back to Shang Tsung's island I guess.
I did not expect MK11 to be out in April 2019 and be on the Switch. With only 4 months to go, they have plenty of time to market it.
Well... it is time for us to get back to this forum and overanalyze the game to the point that we can't get sleep.

It is surprising how close we are to release date thou.
Damn Mortal Kombat 11 looks nice. I'm very intrigued by the woman who appeared next to the Hour Glass. Perhaps the MK series will finally have a woman for a final boss?
If we get a female final boss, it basically confirms they definitely read this forum while developing their games.
The only issue I have right now, is... music choice. Completely felt out of place and kinda ruined the mood. Felt like a half assed AMV, where they put music over the clip, without editing. But again it is subjective.
So after some reading and rewatching the trailer. It seems they will try to do Injustice "Multiverse" mode. Just in this case it will be timelines. Raiden fighting present Scorpion, and after he kills him, a MK3 one comes out.

That also is supported by the scene showing a woman standing next to the hourglass. Hourglass = time.

I guess that's how they plan on bringing classic characters (I mean at this point, we would be lying to ourselves if we thought, that they didn't bring the OG chars in as well).

So this entire timeline thing, might be a sign of NRS/WB embracing SF tactic of doing seasons. It makes money, and they know it. So most likely they will be dropping new chars with every new season.

After all if I remember correctly, they did mention in the past, how they wanted to make MKX into a long lasting platform, instead of just making a sequel. So MK11 in this case could be that long term platform they had in mind.

Not to mention, from business point of view it makes sense. Why keep investing into new sequels every 1-2 years, if you can just do "live service" and keep the game running for 4-5 years.

Not only you save on costs, but also they can earn quite a lot from costumes, char packs.
YAS! I can't wait to play as Jade and have her crush balls and shove that weapon in her victim's rectum this time! ;)

Who is that bald woman btw? Maybe that is the woman in Jade's MK9 ending? Frost? Ashrah? Who ever it is, it'd be interesting to play as her.
The game looks AMAZING!! Once again they went with a song that didn't fit the video just like the MKX trailer but that's insignificant when compared to positives about the trailer. The in game shots look awesome as well, the faces look great! I'm glad they waited until it was closer to release to show it off, we get to see a much more refined looking product instead of early faces that will be changed months later as has happened in the past.

I've seen comments about wanting a female boss, I have to ask why? What would make it better by having a female? That is the totally wrong approach. If they come up with an awesome female character who happens to be a boss that's great but just making a female to be the boss would be silly and that kind of SJW sort of mentality has no place in the creative process IMO.







Shang's Island is gorgeous.

Plus in the ending of the trailer, the hourglass is flowing backwards. Possible hint
Well looks like the leaker was right.

First thing I noticed in the trailer is that we're going to get more emphasis on weapons.

Steam screenshots look amazing. It's UE4 alright. But Jesus....£50? £70 for premium? Need to wait for a bit more info first.