Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat 2015


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I look like a real idiot by playing the better matchup. Big Ben 14 points better than Matt Ryan; why I started Matty Ice, I have no idea.


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Final measure: Big Ben 30.8 - Matty Ice 18.2. Still a 12 point disparity, but now I feel a little better that he picked it up in the 2nd half.

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Hey fellas... I promise I'm not dead... Forgot to post the results here last week, so I'll post both weeks now. Definitely don't have time to write articles this year though, so if anyone wants to take that on, send them to me and I'll post them if they don't suck.

Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat Week 1 Results:

Hindenburg Ground Crew ([MENTION=1026]BYoung[/MENTION]) 103.56
Love Cowboys (Love Cowboy) 95.74

TonyRomoJockstraps ([MENTION=1324]Jade[/MENTION]) 85.24
John Madden Has A Giant Ditka ([MENTION=3788]squirrelpion[/MENTION]) 63.82

Team Takeda ([MENTION=26181]TehPredator[/MENTION]) 74.34

Walrus-Copters ([MENTION=1405]Camu-san[/MENTION]) 84.00
Busboy Supreme ([MENTION=10945]YungQ94[/MENTION]) 76.70

Kabal Toasty ([MENTION=6521]Tapion[/MENTION]) 98.00
Tom Brady's Box of Cheaties ([MENTION=12345]Tarkatan Trash[/MENTION]) 83.66

Rayzebats ([MENTION=5799]mkray41[/MENTION]) 117.82
Big Booty Boiz (Spine_Ripper) 63.02

Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat Week 2 Results:

Love Cowboys (Love Cowboy) 86.58
TonyRomoJockstraps ([MENTION=1324]Jade[/MENTION]) 59.00

John Madden Has A Giant Ditka ([MENTION=3788]squirrelpion[/MENTION]) 118.04
Hindenburg Ground Crew ([MENTION=1026]BYoung[/MENTION]) 75.54

Team Takeda ([MENTION=26181]TehPredator[/MENTION]) 84.56
Busboy Supreme ([MENTION=10945]YungQ94[/MENTION]) 79.30

Walrus-Copters ([MENTION=1405]Camu-san[/MENTION]) 57.94

Rayzebats ([MENTION=5799]mkray41[/MENTION]) 93.10
Tom Brady's Box of Cheaties ([MENTION=12345]Tarkatan Trash[/MENTION]) 62.76

Kabal Toasty ([MENTION=6521]Tapion[/MENTION]) 92.20
Big Booty Boiz (Spine_Ripper) 44.30

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So anyway, since the whole "vote down the trade" thing never seems to work because people don't care enough, this year I made it so that I as kommissioner have unilateral veto power on all trades. However, this is a little bit of a conflict of interest when I myself am involved in the trade. So, I figure in the interest of fairness, I should invite comments here on the trade mkray and I just agreed to

Here is the trade:

I get:
Carson Palmer

mkray gets:
Marcus Mariota
Brandon Marshall


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Hey guys... I just noticed I made a change this year that I totally forgot all about until [MENTION=1324]Jade[/MENTION] this week actually utilized it.

You guys now have available one "Reserve" slot that you can put an injured or suspended player in so that you can replace them temporarily on the roster. This can't be used for ANY injured player... it can only be used for players on the PUP or IR... or it can be used on players suspended by the league (not the team). Obviously, since we aren't a keeper league, you'd only want to bother keeping an IR player on it if that player is "designated for return" as Romo is... permanent IR you'd still want to just drop the player. It looks like that slot only shows up when you actually have a player eligible to put there. Just a heads-up Jade... when Romo is healthy the system is actually going to force you to take him off and drop a player. If you guys have any questions about this, just let me know.

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Actually, I had been aware of the "Reserve" feature since Training Camp. I learned about it when Arian Foster went down and NFL Network's Fantasy analysts (such as Michael Fabiano) were saying you could draft Foster and place him on the Reserve slot if your league has one. I probably should've inquired about whether or not this league would have this feature prior to the draft.

As for the trade, I have no objections to that particular trade, but because of the Chris Paul trade fiasco a few years back in real basketball involving a Commissioner's veto, I am generally skeptical about Commissioners having unilateral veto power on trades, but I do know from personal experience that people generally don't give a shit about their own power to veto trades, because 2 years ago, I accepted a stupid trade in this league (the only detail I remember is that it involved the Patriots defense), not realizing how stupid it was until It was too late, and absolutely nobody voted it down to bail me out (I eventually cut my losses though).

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At the time, Fabiano probably was speculating that the Texans might put Foster on IR designated for return. The Texans did not in fact do this, because they expect Foster back sooner than that. So, he is not eligible for the reserve spot anyway.

Please note, the trade veto power is supposed to be used only to prevent trades that ruin competitive balance in the league, not save people from stupidity. That trade we had in year 1 when I wasn't running the league is really the only trade we've ever had that should've been vetoed. Still not sure how [MENTION=1026]BYoung[/MENTION] won that one anyway


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Hot damn!
Won my first game after finally growing a brain to start Dalton and sit injured players haha


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I was so stoked to see Maclin get us another TD... in the midst of the damn slaughter.. but that's what lost me week 3... :'(

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Mkray flying high as the only 3-0 team... still anyone's league

Mortal Fantasy Football Kombat Week 3 Results:

Love Cowboys (Love Cowboy) 101.54
John Madden Has A Giant Ditka ([MENTION=3788]squirrelpion[/MENTION]) 83.80

Hindenburg Ground Crew ([MENTION=1026]BYoung[/MENTION]) 107.44
TonyRomoJockstraps ([MENTION=1324]Jade[/MENTION]) 91.08

Team Takeda ([MENTION=26181]TehPredator[/MENTION]) 99.48
Walrus-Copters ([MENTION=1405]Camu-san[/MENTION]) 94.56

Busboy Supreme ([MENTION=10945]YungQ94[/MENTION]) 143.72

Tom Brady's Box of Cheaties ([MENTION=12345]Tarkatan Trash[/MENTION]) 96.12
Big Booty Boiz (Spine_Ripper) 72.00

Rayzebats ([MENTION=5799]mkray41[/MENTION]) 131.32
Kabal Toasty ([MENTION=6521]Tapion[/MENTION]) 123.60

Congrats to TehPredator for winning 2 straight... not bad for a guy who knows nothing of " 'murican football"

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Well geeeeeeeze.... this thread sure died huh? Sorry I got way WAY too busy. Work stuff, astronomy club stuff, getting MARRIED... you know. But anyway, last weekend of the fantasy regular season is here... and it doesn't look like any division matchups.. I must have jacked up the schedule. Sorry about that. I still don't have time to calculate all the playoff scenarios... it looks like RIP, mkray and Tapion have locked up playoff berths... I know I will clinch the Earthrealm division with a win... you folks that are 7-6... really need to win today. Happy Football All!

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Correction... now that I've worked out the tiebreakers it looks like I've already clinched the division. [MENTION=945]RIPLIUKANG[/MENTION] has already clinched Outworld Division, and [MENTION=5799]mkray41[/MENTION] has actually already clinched Netherrealm as well due to tiebreakers. [MENTION=6521]Tapion[/MENTION] has already clinched one wild card spot. That leaves two playoff berths for the four teams at 7-6... [MENTION=12345]Tarkatan Trash[/MENTION], [MENTION=3788]squirrelpion[/MENTION], [MENTION=1026]BYoung[/MENTION], and [MENTION=10945]YungQ94[/MENTION]. I still don't have the patience to work out every single scenario, but in the interest of fairness I will remind everyone of the tiebreakers. First of all, if there is a tie between squirrel and BYoung that tie will be worked out separately and PRIOR to any tie with the others, because they are in the same division... and that tiebreaker is already clinched in favor of BYoung. Then, any necessary tiebreaker between the others will be decided based first on Head to Head record, and then by points if needed.