McCarron's MK Port Kollection


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This is a glorious "Kollection." I have owned every MK fighting game except 4. I'm not looking into building a MAME cabinet. My girlfriend thinks it's ridiculous, but now I can show her this and tell her she got off easy.

Patrick McCarron

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Many people have larger collections than I, as I collect almost game ports only. Since I have almost every game port now except for one it'll be hard to have more beyond different packaging.


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Very impressive collection. I plan to collect all MK's that
were released on SNES/N64/PC and leave it at that. So
far I have MK1 (PC/SNES), MK2 (SNES) all mint. A
complete copy of UMK3 on SNES is worth a fair bit these
days, you're very lucky.


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Do you have Mortal Kombat Mystification for ps2 & xbox? (the french version of Deception)




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Does anyone have any pics of back side of the US and/ or Japanese versions of the Game Boy Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat II combo cart box?