McCarron's MK Port Kollection


Wow I am impressed, McCarron! I used to have all the MK titles but not at the same time. When I had Sega back in the 90th. I had MK1, MK2, MK3/UMK3
On PS1 it was MK4. I had no Dreamcast but it's possible to play MKG on PC with emulator
Today I have MKDA, MKSM and MKA for PS2. And MKvcDC on PS3.


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I may have to look for that along with the Euro MK3 PS1 release which was also very different packaging. I like to get those when they are vasty different looking.

They could have been called platinum edition or such. I have it myself somewhere but I could only savage the instruction booklet from the box. and that one doesn't have the silver lining on it.


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Pretty good. Back when I was a child, I always dreamed of collecting all versions of MK but now I'm like, I will only get the MK games I really love to play with.

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I'm really lovin' those Euro-ports of Deadly Alliance and Deception!

My kollection consists of...

Genesis: MK, MK2, MK3, UMK3
PS1: Trilogy, Sub-Zero, MK4, Special Forces
Dreamcast: Gold
PS2: Deadly Alliance, Deception, Shaolin Monks, Armageddon
PS3: MK vs DC

Patrick McCarron

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I noticed you don't have MKT Nitro edition....

Well that doesn't exist, so no I don't. There was a REAL MK Nitro for SNES that was developed, but never released.


I posted a picture of everything I have so far, and updated Post 1

Check it out and enjoy! Any variations or games I am missing and I should get?

Mike Riazy

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Seems to me like you don't have this. I'm glad I still have this thing.

Patrick McCarron

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Do you have duplicates for the MK trilogy for playstation? I`ve been trying 2 find a copy

No I'm trying to find all three copies of it actually. Black Label w Orange Disc, Black Label w Silver Disc, Greatest Hits Silver Disc. I got two of the three (one on the way)


Seems to me like you don't have this. I'm glad I still have this thing.

No so far I haven't started buying the Tiger games, I bid on a few recently but not sure their real value so backed off before it got to high.


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Many know that I've been "kollecting" the various MK ports for the last few years. I've recently filled in a good majority of my collection, and will be posting all the pictures of each version along with more info. I now have close to every port of the game, including a few pirated ports. Just a few I'm still missing or sets I'm not counting yet (Tiger Handhelds for instance) that I need to get yet. I mostly look for complete mint condition games, so that's one reason I take so long to expand my collection.

But for now here are a few pictures of the haul I took in over the Christmas break. I also bought a few sets of things that I had a few of already, so I have quite a few duplicates and may be letting those go later this year if anyone is interested in flushing out their own collections.


All Mortal Kombat Deception Xbox Kollector's Editions along with the UK Steelbook edition of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe


Rare European Promo Editions of MK Deception and MK Deadly Alliance


All GameBoy Portable Versions Complete in Box now Aquired


Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 is a fairly rare item that was only made available on the PC and GameBoy. Here is the complete GameBoy US edition and the Jewel Case of the PC version. I haven't seen a MK1+2 PC box and manual in years.


All Three Mortal Kombats for the Sega Master System and two of them for the Game Gear. Still missing MK3 for Game Gear, it's very rare and hard to find complete.

This MK2 Game Gear edition is sealed. I also have a different boxed version of MK2 for Sega Master System that isn't pictured.


Mortal Kombat 2 for Super Famicom - New (Japan didn't seal their SNES games)
This is the famous green blood and black and white Fatalities edition. You can see more pictures I posted here

UPDATE 1/9/11

I finally went through my whole box, you will see most sets are complete and many of the games seen here are actually sealed new in package. (Hard to tell if not noted). If you want to see some closer, check out my Flickr Gallery Collection.


MK Misc Stuff
- MK2 Arcade Ad for Distributors
- MK TV Games
- MK Bootlegs for Famicom (NES) and Genesis (Mega Drive)


MK PC and Amiga Versions
- MK2 CD and Floppy Version (Need Box For This Version)
- Ultimate Guide to MK
- MK 1 & 2 PC (Need Box Here Too)


MK Nintendo Ports (SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, GB, GBA, DS)
- MK1 and MK2 Japan SNES (Super Famicom) that has green blood


MK Sega Ports (Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast, GameGear)
- MKT for Saturn I forgot I don't have this Manual
- 2 Different Master System MK2 boxes
- 2 Different Game Gear MK1 Boxes
- Both buggy and fixed versions of MK Gold for Dreamcast
- MK3 boxed for Sega GameGear
- Sega CD MK1 Alternate Box
- MKT alternate box for Saturn in Japan


MK Sony Ports (PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP)
- MKD and MKDA UK Promos
- MK2 Japan PS1
- Two MKvsDC UK Editions (Steelbook and Regular)
- Red Label PS3 MKvsDCU with Warner Bros Games logo
- MKM:SZ (in a later picture)
- MKT Black Label (in a later picture)
- MK4 Black Label (on it's way)
- Black Label MKDA US (on it's way)
- MK:SF (not bought yet)
- Super rare MK3 small box for PS1.
- MKvsDC US Kollector's Edition
- MKvsDC US Regular Not Greatest Hits Edition
- Remaining 3 MKA PS2 Kollectors Editions
- MKA Euro Promo
- MK3 Japan and MKT Japan (Alternate Boxes)


MK Xbox Ports (Xbox, Xbox 360)
- MKDA GameStop Collectors Coin
- All Four MKD Editions, some sealed.


MK 1 Arcade Bootleg Board


MK2 Dedicated Arcade Cabinet
Inside are following PCBs:
- Mortal Kombat 1
- Mortal Kombat 2
- Utlimate Mortal Kombat 3
- Mortal Kombat 4
- Killer Instinct 1


The post office delivered three new items today


- MK PC Sealed. This box is different than my other box, it opens at the top (if it wasn't sealed shut). The original also reads "1.0" on the side. This box does not. This is likely an updated version of the game packaging, maybe the game itself as we know the MK1&MK2 PC version of MK1 was improved.
- MK Trilogy Black Label for PS1. This one has an Orange disc, I just need the rare Black Label, Silver Disc edition. (if it really exists)
- MK Mythologies Sub-Zero for PS1. I never played this on the PS1. I can now.

So... Are you getting Mortal Kombat 9? :p

Mike Riazy

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Ive looked around my room and took note of all my MK games

Mortal Kombat: Genesis, Snes, Gameboy, Jakk PluginandPlay, Midway Arcade Treasures EP
Mortal Kombat 2: Snes, Gameboy, Midway Arcade Treasures 2, Midway Arcade Treasures EP, PS3
Mortal Kombat 3: Gameboy, Midway Arcade Treasures 2, Midway Arcade Treasures EP, PS1
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: DS.
Mortal Kombat 4:GBC N64, Dreamcast
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: N64, PS1
Mortal Kombat Trilogy: PS1
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance: PS2
Mortal Kombat Deception: XBOX
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks: Xbox
Mortal Kombat Armageddon: XBOX
Mortal Kombat VS DCU: 360(Collectors Edition)
Mortal Kombat: 360 (Tournament Edition)

Seems about right.
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- MK Trilogy Black Label for PS1. This one has an Orange disc, I just need the rare Black Label, Silver Disc edition. (if it really exists)
- MK Mythologies Sub-Zero for PS1. I never played this on the PS1. I can now.

Black label/silver disc is a myth, so you're good. But wow, I didn't know you only played the N64 version of MKM and missed out on the best parts (being the FMV's). If you can't stomach the gameplay after all 13+ years, just check out the FMV's instead, including the bloopers bit that was in MKD but at a much higher quality.

You're almost there. Missing the cardboard box "greatest hits" MK3 for PSX, and... are you going for all MKA KE variations for PS2? If so, I'll keep an eye out for you.

I found a gold mine of a store recently and though it's probably too late now, they had the UK PC version of MK3 (under the Virgin Interactive label). If it's still there past this week's storm, I'll pick it up for you since it was just $4 CAD.


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Once upon a time, I had Mortal Kombat I, II, and III for Game Gear. This was YEARS ago...If it were in my hands now, I'd gladly hand it over to help you complete your collection. Sorry :\