Kotal Kahn... a relative of Shao Kahn? The Konqueror himself?


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Fully agreed. It adds a layer of mystique if he just kinda shows up and takes shit over. ALSO I think the new Forest stage will have something to do with Kotal Kahn. Looks like it's aztec inspired! Took this screen from the uncompressed video

I was thinking that it could be related more to Ferra, given the Pygmy statue in that level, but who knows?

Ferra statue.jpg

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Ferra may be related to Kotal Kahn, she looks aztec.

Now, this stage is curious.

The jungle is TOTALLY MESOAMERICAN. The architecture also resembles the stone art of maya/aztecs.

But now explain me that chinese dragon :laugh:


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Chinese dragon could just be a nod to MK itself, or it could be something else.

So many questions, which I can't wait to see the answers for in Story Mode.


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Perhaps "Kahn" is like a title or something?
'Kahn' translates to "great warrior". I think it's of either Chinese or Sanskrit derivation... I forget (Google isn't throwing anything conclusive up in the first couple of searches). I read this (IN A BOOK) somewhere years ago. Think: Genghis Kahn et al.