Bradley Abbott Turner

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  • sorry i haven't added you yet, i just sent you a friend request on live. i'm not going to be able to make the tourny but, i would be more than down to help you practice the next couple of days.
    You play a mean cage my friend. My friend plays a mean Subby though. You spanked me though so GG.
    Hahahahaha, those announcers made me smile. :) Good matches, man. I'd love to see your Cage take on DCP's sometime.
    Cage is my main along with the lovely Ms. Sonya Blade. <3 I have PS3 so sadly it looks like we can't play. :( I'll check out your photos for sure though.

    Figuring out how to edit your profile takes some time. I'm glad you like mine, it's all a tribute to my imaginary boyfriend. :p
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