Kenshi needs a BUFF, Raiden needs a teleport NERF


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I go to the gym and now im buff. People that go to McDonalds get nerfed.

Life is so unbalanced...


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Mileena, Sektor and Raiden ares the most annoying chars to fight IMO, but I won't go complaining I'll just admit I sux fighting against them and no, it's not because they're overpowered, I just sux againt them, you should be able to do the same ;)


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reptile is the new raiden. reptile needs a huge nerf man. his low kick elbow dash is unblockable if you get someone with even a little lag. they exploit it bigtime. raiden is easy just low poke/uppercut that fool when he teleports or jump punch if they jump after teleport. same with mileena. low poking gets people off your ass and stops their combos. did you know you can uppercut mileenas drop kick? use stryker nightwolf or someone with a FAST uppercut and kill that crazy chick. sonya has a great uppercut. also if you block her kick and sai.. low kick her. works every time.