If Mortal Kombat was ever rebooted as a movie franchise, who would you cast?


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Lui Kang - Steven Yun
Jason Mamoa - Shang Tsung (Old/Young)
Jade - Chanel Iman
Kitana - Emma Watson (Or Kate Mara)
Mileena - Kate Mara (Or Emma Watson)
Johnny Cage - Casper Van Dien
Sonya - Uma Thurma or Laurie Holden
Jax - Michael Jai White
Kung Lao - Booboo Steward

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So the announcing of James Wan as producer of a MK movie was about 8 month ago. Is there actually any progress? Any news? I think development hell is the right word... I'd love a R-rated MK movie.

I can imagine a Raid-style movie. A Mortal Kombat movie should have great fights because storywise there aren't that much possibilities. After all it's a fighting game. The actor from Raid could play Kung Lao. Rain from Ninja Assassin would be a great Liu Kang.


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Tom Hardy as Kabal (experienced in acting with masks on his face :))
Idris Elba as Jax (voice and charisma better than original character)
Charlize Theron as Sonya (proved in Mad Max FR and Atomic Blonde that she can beat the a**)

Here is my new fan made trailer of Mortal Kombat Movie,hope You will enjoy it.



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I always thought that the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie should have had the same actors/actresses from the games instead of new actors/actresses...


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there is too many mk characters, hell there was too many in mk annihilation. the movie would need to be over 6 hours long to give every character a proper amount of screen time.