If Mortal Kombat was ever rebooted as a movie franchise, who would you cast?

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And now, here is the man who should play the role of Shang Tsung. His name is Alice...


If a clean-shaven Shang Tsung worked for Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa, it will work for Alice!

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Liu Kang - Rain
Scorpion - Ian Anthony Dale
Sub Zero - Mark Dacascos
Shang Tsung - Hiryouki Sananda
Sonya Blade - Katheryn Winnick
Johnny Cage - Ryan Reynolds
Jax - Michael Jai White
Kano - Manu Bennett
Stryker - Tahmoh Peinkett
Kitana - Celina Jade
Mileena - Kristin Kreuk
Sindel - Natassia Malthe
Raiden - Thomas Jane
Nightwolf - Jason Momoa
Quan Chi - Mike Moh
Kung Lao - Jet Li
Jade - Nicole Scherzinger
Tanya - Persia White
Kenshi - Keanu Reeves
Shao Kahn - Nathan Jones
Darrius - Sticky Fingaz
Kobra - Christian Howard
Kira - Holland Roden
Li Mei - Krystal Vee
Skarlet - Deborah Ann Woll
Frost - Emilia Clarke
Nitara - Tatiana Maslany
Goro - Dave Bautista
Cyrax - Lateef Crowder
Reptile - Ray Park
Kai - Harold Perrineau
Cassie Cage - Nicola Peltz
Jacqui Briggs - Zendaya
Takeda - Booboo Stewart
D'Vorah - Zhang Ziyi
Ferra - Tara Strong
Torr - Fred Tastiacore
Kotal Kahn - The Great Khali


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- Nicole Scherzinger (Most of us know her.)


* MARIA OZAWA: A former Japanese-Canadian porn star in Japan and an international actress who did films in Indonesia and other parts of Asia and is currently doing a film in the Philippines. Some of her movies are violently GROSS!!! She'd make an excellent Jade. She just has an accent in her English but she can fight well!


* MEGAN YOUNG: A current actress in the Philippines and Miss World 2013. When watching one of her drama shows, I noticed that she had a dinosaur braid that resembled A LOT like Jade's MK9 alternate outfit.




Megan Young was also in Good Morning America! She fluently speaks English and does have the body to be Jade! Just some training with martial arts (mostly Bojutsu) and she's be perfect!



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For the first movie it would be nice to have a small and more focused roster.

Ali Larter as Sonya Blade

Olivia Munn as Kitana/Mileena

Bérénice Marlohe as Sindel

Johann Urb as Sub-Zero

Terence Yin as Liu Kang

Tyler Mane as Goro

Jet Li as Kung Lao

Christopher Lambert as Raiden (yes, nobody can do it better than him)

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Shang Tsung (again, same as Raiden)
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Ian McKellen as Raiden
Jack Nicholson as Shinnok
Scott Atkins as Kano
Michael Jai White as Jax ( He was born to be Jax )
Donnie Yen as Kung Lao ( My biggest dream about a new mk movie )
Eva Mendes as Tanya
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Shao Kahn
Bruce Locke as Shang Tsung
Lateef Crowder as Cyrax
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Johnny Cage ( Mutt Mullins?? his ears)
Andy Serkis as Reptile
Manu Bennet as Sub-Zero
Christian Bale as Scorpion
Carice van Houten as Sindel ( I love her )
Marion Cotillard as Sonya Blade
Vin Diesel as Quan Chi
Brian Tee as Liu Kang
Nathalie Kelley as Kitana
Janet Montgomery as Mileena
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as Goro


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as long as the movie is about huge roid rage guys pummeling each other into smithereens, I'll be fine with any cast

hell I'll even be fine with kali muscle as jax

good mortal kombat movie: great fight scenes, gore, funny one liners & kickass soundtrack. can't get any more simple than that?
bad mortal kombat movie: loads of talking scenes, political correctness, agenda pushing, quotas, buzzwords and etc. unfortunately too many movies suffer from this crock of shit, and the list keeps growing. it's like a track record by now.
yeah, gore and ridiculous, over the top action is mostly what i desire from a rebooted mk movie. i don't want any watered down bs


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So as a screenwriter/filmmaker myself, I'm changing things up.

The Great Shaolin Tournament would be the title of the film.

The story revolves around Prince Goro, a half fallen angel/half human four-armed nephilim who has won nine consequective tournaments of the Great Shaolin Tournament. Prince Goro would be one of the main antagonists and be a legitimate thread to everyone.

So, Shang Tsung is a twenty five year-old Chinese black magic sorcerer played by Ken Leung, who is being used by Emperor Shao Kahn who is stuck in the Spiritual Realm. By winning ten tournaments, Kahn will be able to enter the physical realm.


Johnny Cage is a mixed martial artist who does some Hollywood fight choreography to some major action films, he would be played by Joel Edgerton.
Liu Kang is a former Shaolin monk who moved to the United States, he would be played by Steven Yuen.
Lt. Sonya would be a former US Special Forces operative, who now works for the DEA and is on a manhunt for Kano Takahashi, a half Australian, half Japanese member of the Japanese Yakuza. Kano gave Sonya the name "Blade" after he sliced her up leading to Sonya being sucked into this tournament that's set on an island in the Philippines.
Jackson Briggs is Sonya's partner and enters the tournament on Sonya's behalf. However, his arms are cut off by Kano during a fight. Jackson Briggs is played by Idris Elba, Kano is played by Tom Hardy.
A mysterious ninja enters the tournament to assassinate Shang Tsung by the name of Bi-Han. Along with Bi-Han, another ninja enters the tournament simply called The Scorpion due to his gas-chambered harpoon gun attached to his right arm. Since they both wear black, the tournament organizers give them different coloured ensembles to wear over their ninja garb. Bi-Han is played by Ju Ji Han and The Scorpion is played by Nishikido Ryo.

I would make the film more grounded and deals a lot with Christian mythology. Emperor Shao Kahn serves under Prince Shinnok (a fallen angel) who serves under Baal, Baal is second to Lucifer.

So the spiritual realm is my take on Outworld. The spiritual realm is invisible to us but the powers, princes of this world operate in areas ie. Emperor Kahn uses Iraq as his base of operations in the spiritual realm which has lead to ISIS - due to his demonic power.

He also uses the Roman Collisuem.

There's two twists, a mysterious beggar named Raiden is actually a fallen angel, who exists in the spiritual but can manifest in the physical as a homeless beggar. He controls thunder. He was thrown out of Heaven as is one third of the angels who rebelled against God, however he is angry and bitter against Lucifer for being deceived.

The second twist is that the real Shang Tsung is extremely old, he uses a young doppleganger (his apprentice) to keep the tournament in order.

Just my ideas.

Goro is a beast in the film. It takes Liu Kang, Cage, Jackson to all take him on because he is just Godly strong.

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Daisy Ridley (of Star Wars fame) as Kitana.


And that lightsaber she's holding was actually built by my favorite SW character, Anakin Skywalker.

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Jessica Lange would do a great Sindel as well. But it would cost lot$$$$$$$$$$$$ of money haha. She have that crazy witch face that Sindel needs.



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Daisy Ridley (of Star Wars fame) as Kitana.


And that lightsaber she's holding was actually built by my favorite SW character, Anakin Skywalker.

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that skinny twig? for real?
rey sucked too