I actually think MKDA was a half way descent game.

Shitty character selection, 1 fatality per player, lack of unlockables & minigames etc.

Deception >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Armageddon > shit >> DA

I hated this game. I was so let down.
as far as 3d mk games go, DA was the only one i liked enough to buy. i played the next one against a dude that looked like ken, from streetfighter and liu kang was back so i wanted no part in that sh*t.and Armageddon...anyway, it only had one fatality and no minigames, but the krypt was actually decent in this one and the fighting engine wasnt bad. i liked it.
I really liked Deadly Alliance alot! I thought the story was a change and it was good! I enjoyed the selection of characters even thought limeted they had alot of my favorites which I can't say about Deception. I loved how the arcade ladder's difficulty settings was based on percentages from 1% to 100% and you worked your way up untill you got to Quan Chi and Shang Tsung at 95% and 100% and they were just as hard or harder than Moloch who was tough untill you mastered blocking and chain combo counters. Even though it had one Fatality per person the blood would stay on the ground of the arena for the whole match and at the end you would see all of it in a trail where you walked while fighting. The character designs were great to and the new characters they introduced were all pretty cool which isn't always the case with new characters.
I liked the music especially in some of the Konquest missions. It was an OK game, but that's coming off the heels of MK4 so the standards were fairly low by then
There were two things that seriously left me with a bad taste in my mouth for Deadly Alliance:

The "Fan" Fiasco:

Losing Kitana's fans were just plain irritating, and there's nothing strategic or fun about it. From a competitive standpoint, that would truly make her ass in MK9. "Ahh I just whiffed Fan Throw and now I lose access to 33% of my moveset lolololol". Just a horrible idea all around.

The Coloured Koins:

I hated the fact that I had to go through battle after battle, in hopes that I would get the correct color of koin to unlock what I wanted from the Krypt. I'm so glad there's a unified Koin color in MK9 because I seriously got sick of that Ruby, Sapphire, Platinum, Emerald ********. I mean seriously Midway, this is Mortal Kombat not Pokemon.
I enjoyed MKDA , it had some bad parts to it but I personally like it and I didn't really expect it at the time so it was a pleasant surprise XD
I liked it for what it was when I was like 17-18. Thought the changing styles was cool but I went back and tried played it last month and realized how horrible the game was. I hate, hate, hate the multiple styles!
These 3D Mk games are pretty good. It's just that MKDA and MKD were tooooo slooooooow in gameplay and that all three have lots major bugs and glitches.
WHAT?! Way better than just ok Deadly Alliance is one of my favorite games of all time! The fighting and ladder modes were so polished and balanced. I really liked the concept of the 'Deadly Alliance' I really hope the story line is brought back in a DLC. Shang has so many great moves that make him boss-like already like his morph and power drain. Quan is pretty bad ass with his projectiles and dropping kicks, I'm sure with a few more power-up moves or something he could be as much a boss as Shang Tsung.
I liked the acid buddha level, it was the only level that you could die just by a miss step and should be re-imagined for MK9 or another future installment.Same for Shang Tsung's Palace the soulnado was soooo sick! I loved how the souls would speed past screaming! Also unique to this one was Reptile's Crab Fighting style which I loved and thought was funny.
I actually prefered MKDA to Deception and Armageddon although they all had differen't new things I wish were included in Deadly Alliance. The main thing I missed in MKDA was the stage kills, and the second fatality but it didn't matter because it was so great in everything thing else. There was plenty of blood too I loved how it stayed on the ground and you could trace every step of the match!
I really enjoyed the introduction of the Oni, I thought it was cool one was human size and one was a giant, it opens the door of possibilities for future Oni's of all shapes and sizes. I really appreciate the effort the creators put forth in Moloch, it was great to see a new original boss character that offered a new epic challenge. I was worried I'd be dissappointed by another updated version of Goro but was very pleased with the change in story and characters. Even Li Mei my least favorite in this game had cool moves and fighting stances that I didn't mind using her.
The introduction of the krypt was another great thing and the BIGGER THE KRYPT THE BETTER! That goes for all MK games, empty krypts are unnecessary, and I don't think the violent torture scenes are necessary like in 9. I liked the variety of koins which has since dissappeared.
After Deadly Alliance the new Mk's always had new things I liked while other things I used to like in DA changed or were taken out so there were always pros and cons as to which was my favorite. MK9 is the first MK since Deadly Alliance that fully satisfies and I feel is as polished.
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In MKDA, I really like the impalement idea during battle. It makes me kill the opponent more easily.

I thought that was so incredibly awesome at the time, but in retrospect, it's also so incredibly cheap. Just wait for an opening, stab your opponent, then stay away from them until they die.
Its been a while since I played MK:DA but I remember liking it. It had a lot of cool features but the game was lacking that "it" factor. I don't know, I guess the gameplay while fighting could've been a little better. For example I never liked the idea of each character having 3 fighting styles..ughhh
MKDA ? I am not sure, I have and played the game. And im not possitive about how good it is, but it was an improvement back then.
I thought that was so incredibly awesome at the time, but in retrospect, it's also so incredibly cheap. Just wait for an opening, stab your opponent, then stay away from them until they die.

It was. It was the only way one of my friends could be me. He always chose Kano and would always try to impale. It wouldn't work all the time, but when it did he was always able to win that round.

Anyways, I like DA at the time. I like some of the new characters they introduced, Kenshi and Bo Rai Cho. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of Fatalities. I still think Deception is loads better. Hated Armageddon, I only played through the story mode just to see the story, and I don't even remember it. It wasn't a good game at all.

My thoughts on the mk games.

MK1--loved it

MK2--I think I played this game everyday as a kid when I still had my snes. I would spend hours trying to do everyone's fatalities, and trying to beat it on a harder difficulty, I don't think I ever beat it on hard. I only beat it on medium once. I also remembered the look on older guys faces when I was able to beat them at the arcades.

MK3--I was super disappointed in it. It didn't have a lot of the characters I like; Scorpion, JC, Raiden, Reptile, Kitana. It had Sub, but I hated the way he look I didn't like the way it looked. Absoulutely hated Nightwolf. Stryker was fine. I dunno. Don't get me wrong, I played the crap out of it. I think the only reasons though was cuz of 1) the arcades only had MK3 in my area and 2) one button fatals, would spend my time doing all the fatalities with that code. I wanted to see them all.

UMK3--I didn't like the game. I think a lot of it was cuz of the bad taste MK3 left in my mouth. I didn't like how the Ninjas looked, I just don't like that outfit design. Same with the female ninjas. And there was still no JC. I played this a lot too on the snes, the local arcades didn't get one till after mk4 came out, cuz of the 1 button fatals.

Liked MKT the best outta the MK3 games. I think the only reason was just cuz of the large cast of characters and finally getting to play as Goro, which wasn't as cool as I had imagined.

MK4--Just recently replayed the arcade at a local movie theater. It's not that bad. It doesn't feel that 3d. It was not one of my favorites though.

MKDA--loved it at the time. Me and my friend would play it all the time back in High School

MKD--the best 3d game of the series. Me and the same friend played it all the time.

MKA--hated it

MK vs DC--I don't know why I bought it, but I did. It had some cool things I thought, like the falling combat and up close combat.

MK9--Ya, my favorite since 2.

About a month ago I bought that combo pack that has MKD MKA and Shaolin Monks in it for ps2 for my girlfriends little brother cuz I got him into MK by playing 9 with him. He doesn't have a ps3 or xbox so I couldn't get him MK9. But back on topic, recently playing it some I realized I'm not that good at it anymore but it is still fun to play. Opinion on Armageddon is it's still horrible. Shaolin Monks is fun, even though the story pisses me off at times.
MKDA is awesome game. It have characters who feels really different, awesome soundtrack, beautiful arenas, some good fatalities and fine gameplay in it. Sadly some moves were missed and some finishers was crap but i can get over it.