Hsu Hao

I will beat your ass into the ground.
Necrid is a god amongst plebs.

Only character other than Astoroth that I love.
They both have stupid designs and they are both hated by their fanbase. I remember most Soul fans hated Necrid and people disliking him so much is the reason why he hasn't return since SC2.
He hasn't returned because he is a Todd MacFarlane creation.

His design is sick and your opinion is wrong. You should feel terrible for having such a disgusting opinion.
I'd pick Hsu Hao over Mavado, Jarek, and other characters whose names I've forgotten...but that's not saying much considering MK was starting to go downhill until MK9.
Thats weird I found necrid a pretty damn cool design and as such I find it a crime to compare a badass of his calibur to a forgettable mongolian dude
(Sorry, I've been gone a while. time to put my input in.)

Hsu Hao was a great idea gone terribly wrong.
They had a chance to branch his character into someone worth something but he never reached that point.
His design was atrocious and stale, and his story and relevance was so low that he is probably the most ignored and yawned character.
But he could of been a great character. could.
I'd pick Hsu Hao over boring Sonya, Jax, Stryker, Sheeva or uninteresting Earthrealm or special forces characters.
He wasn't that bad. It's just that he's been remembered as a joke ever since Ed Boon said he was the worst.
And people are sheep. Most fans follow what their leader says.
I'm not talking about everyone now. You could think Hsu Hao is bad and not be a sheep. But if Boon or others from NRS hadn't made jokes about him, he'd just be someone like Jacqui- not very good/special, but not remembered that bad either.