Hsu Hao


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Hsu Hao


Age: ?
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Resides: Earthrealm

For the events on Earthrealm leading up to Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Hsu Hao was of prime importance. His superior, Mavado, gave him orders to act as a Chinese Secret Militant for the Special Forces and aid them in completely destroying the Black Dragon clan. Hsu Hao carried out his instructions without question and aided the U.S. Special Forces for years until the entire Black Dragon clan were seemingly eradicated, after the death of Jarek. Hsu Hao was called back to the Red Dragon headquarters at Charred Mountain but later received orders from Mavado to stay within the Special Forces HQ. He was then instructed to destroy their underground base and with it, their only means of inter-realm travel. He armed a miniature nuclear weapon and just escaped through the portal before it blew up.

As a result of his betrayal, his former superior at the Special Forces, Jax, who just barely escaped with his life, had a score to settle with him. After Mavado captured and imprisoned Kano, Mavado sent Hsu Hao to kill Shang Tsung under orders from Quan Chi. On his way to Shang Tsung's palace he was cornered and seemingly killed when his artificial heart was ripped out by Jax.

Hsu Hao inexplicably returns in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. However, it is possible that he may have been resurrected by Shinnok due to his association with Daegon. There are other rumors saying that Hsu Hao's dead body was found by Onaga in front of Shang Tsung's palace who resurrected him and made him his secret spy, but Onaga's control over Hsu Hao was short lived when Shujinko killed him and Nightwolf trapped his soul in the Netherealm, making Hsu Hao free and alive again to return back to the Red Dragon clan. His ending states that Hsu Hao was killed on Blaze's death explosion and desended into the Netherealm, where he formed into a cold, emotionless demon. He defeated Shinnok and his minions, and became the new ruler of the Netherealm.

Signature Moves
Cyrus Stomp / Boot Kamp (MK:DA, MK:A)
Kahn Klap / Thunder Klap (MK:DA, MK:A)
Bouncing Death (MK:A)
Krystal Lazer (MK:A)
Charge Up (MK:A)

Chest Laser (MK:DA)​
I think Diarou is the worst Kharacter, I like Hsu Hao's Fatality and a few of his moves but he is still pretty low on my list
I think Diarou is the worst Kharacter, I like Hsu Hao's Fatality and a few of his moves but he is still pretty low on my list

Dairou is many times better than Hsu Hao in my opinion...I mean, ripping out someone's ribs and then stabbing them into the opponent's eyeballs, pretty gruesome. For me, the worst character would have to be Mokap.
He's an old school Chinese assassin.

Hsu Hao is a lap dog for Mavado.
Hmm, maybe thats why people hate him lol.
He's my second least favorite, after Jarek. Come to think of it, I believe the initial reason why I joined this forum was to voice my passionate hatred for Jarek.
Hsu Hao and Mavado are amongst my favorite MK characters of all-time ! I really love these two members of the Red Dragon (and i 'm an old-school player, who discovered -and became immediatly fan of- MK1 in arcade in 1992 !)

That's why i was much more excited when MK Deadly Alliance came, than now with MK9 : MKDA was a NEW Mortal Kombat game, with a great character design, exciting backgrounds, new fighting mechanics (more realistic because more ground oriented, with references to real martial arts) !
MK9 is just an HD version of UMK3, it's a bit disapointing.

But, i keep hope for the future, because some of these characters make cameo in MK9 : Kenshi, Frost and Daegon (leader of the Red Dragon clan !) on the new pit stage, for exemple...
He doesn't even have a personality. He just does whatever Mavado says. Come to think of it, Mavado doesn't have much personality either.

Yeah, I really did not like any of the Black or Red Dragon clan newbies. Mavado, Hsu Hao, Kira, Kobra... They all sucked.
I r disappoint.

Just because it has the same characters and stages does NOT make it only an HD remake.
Refresh my memory, could you preform X-rays in UMK3? How about breakers? Tag-Team?

If anything it would be a HD remake of Trilogy. Which it is not. It is looking to be what I've always wanted a MK game to be.
It is looking to be what I've always wanted a MK game to be.

I could kiss you bro.
For years I've been looking at my second favorite fighting game, Tekken, and wondering why MK couldn't have characters express their individuality. Now though, this game is pulling out all of the stops.

Tekken's individuality


Street fighter's complexity


MvC's ultra combo thingies


MK's story, characters, and gore


I think you summed that up pretty well my friend. :)

I mean, there is not a single problem I have with this game from the information we've gotten. It's all just amazing.
I don't see why people call him the worst character.
I liked his hand clap move.

I loved using that move too! It was something about it that just made it awesome to me; his chest laser was pretty cool too; I may not have been a big fan of his but he had some pretty cool special moves imo.
Hsu Hao was actually one of my best characters to play as. And I like the Red Dragon vs. Black Dragon storyline.

I think he's pretty unique, but ultimately not interesting enough.

I don't think he should be thrown aside, though. Like a lot of the new characters he has potential, that could use further development.

Hsu Hao for DLC because he is a macho, macho man and I've got to be a macho man.
Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Look between the cop and the cowboy! 0_o
Apparently Nightwolf is a macho man too. >_<
Hsu Hao is my favorite Red Dragon member in the story,it was a great idea how he infiltrated the Special Forces. I really like his mechanical heart. I thought it was cool that he had a device similar to Kano, and it was cool how both could shoot lasers in Deadly Alliance. His loyalty to the Red Dragon makes him dangerous, and because he has a robotic heart they portrayed him having a robotic personality.I like his specials in MK:DA including his Kahn Clap, and jumping stomp.
His Boot Kamp and Kahn clap moves would be much more useful on a 2D plane.

If he ever comes back, he will be a force to be reckoned with.
NRS, get rid of Scorpion and Sub Zero, and give us more characters like Hsu Hao. He is up there with Mario in the greatest vg characters of all time.