Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore... basically all 'core' subbgenres thread.

I swear, I'm a sucker for amazing cover art. If the album artwork is good, I'll fall in love with the band :laugh:

DGD and A lot Like Birds have the best cover art, hands down.

@That Song..

My fvcking jaw dropped at those vocals in the beginning.

I don't really care about cover art. My fav album of all time (juturna) has some pretty cool cover art, though.

My second favourite album, however... no.


And yeah, the vocals are amazing. I love the song so much; these guys need to get big.
This is actually one of my favourite songs of all time.
Glassjaw are one of the best post hardcore bands that ever existed.
I've been listening to a lot of The Acacia strain and Thy art is Murder (Laceration Penetration is imo the best deathcore song of the last 10 years) recently.

Also, I've been listening to the greatest EP ever produced: Saosin's "translating the name"

Seven years is often hailed as the best post hardcore song of all time, but I find myself drawn to another on the same EP:

Either that or translating the name (the actual song) is my definitive favourite song of all time. I still get goosebumps when listening to the EP after a few months of not listening. Those songs are pure magic and if Anthony Green stayed in Saosin (he might make more material with them tho) for more than just the EP, they'd probably be my favourite band of all time. Circa still rules that, tho.

Nostalgia trip :)
I have that ep. I hope that he does do more with saosin but in the meantime at least i get to see circa in november
Yeah, I have it, too.

Anthony said the new Circa album is the harshest - and best - they've done so far. I really can't wait.
yeah i heard, really like the worst thing that could happen. also Cory and brian from A Skylit Drive are leaving the band. seriously worst week in a while.

Yeah :/ I heard about that, too. Man, that really sucks.

Well, at least Circa Survive is releasing a new song today
With Pianos become the teeth? Man, I wish I lived in America.

Oh, yeah, have you heard the new PBTT album?

I have not yet, didn't know they had one hahaha. I can't remember but I know someone I like is working on a new album. I know the Gorillaz are but thats not who I'm trying to think of.