Doom (game)

well as long as its on ps3 ill be happy. it better not be exclusive to microsoft like doom 3 was. i remember the old dooms werent.
I think Doom 4 is in the works, but If its anything like Doom 3, then I am not playing that crap

but I love the doom games to pieces. own Doom 1,2 ,Final on PC, and also DOOM 64 (underated and great game)

Final Doom has to be one of the hardest DooMs out there. Minus the community 32 megawads out there like Scythe I and II. I am playing Final Doom TnT Evilution right now and I am at the Mill atm, I remember this map and I hated it. The red key room is just to hard!

Here is these two part videos that this excellent DooM player uploaded for Map18

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I know this is a DOOM thread, but until Rage comes closer to release, this is looking pretty amazing. Since Quakecon is coming up, and the only news on D4 is that there is no news...

Thats because the Doom 4 team is working on Rage... once Rage is released they go back to working on Doom 4

Ah, hmm, well the article at IGN said that Dooom 4 will be completely different then the 3rd? Kinda interested to see what they mean by that, since it was announced in 08. But Rage was announced in 07, no idea how long it was in development prior.
It would be cool to use the vita as the controller and on the vita screen you would have a inventory screen homage to the original with a map. So when hour not in a firefight you can check a detailed map or perhaps a bestairy and weapon bios such n such
so you mean like if you used a vita for the pda? sounds like an ok idea although i wouldnt really want it to return. if you just used the vita for maps n stuff then everyone who doesnt have a vita wouldnt get the full game experience.
thats why it should be a option. of course you can have have that stuff on the console but with the choice to intergrate the vita can be a fun experience
hmmm mabey. but only if the pda returns. it would be kinda dumb to have to set up a vita just for a map. but for it to be optional is understandable. im just hoping that doom4 will be just like the old dooms with todays graphics and a doom64ish soundtrack. we dont want it to be COD with a flashlight and doom monsters.
im sure it will be great with A few surprises.hopefully get a announcement soon because one is already overdue
Downloaded it on my PSP.

Doom scares me :(

Pussy, go kill yourself.

Lol I was actually playing Final Doom the other night with a friend. We were pulling an all nighter before a truck shift, stupidest shit ever. Those giant dudes take FOREVER to kill, and there were like 40 of them in one level :laugh:

you were probably playing a level called "go 2 it". that level is crazy. and those monsters are called cyberdemons.
OMG! a Doom teaser!!!

Just read my old comments. Can't believe I thought it was going to be shown in 2011. 2010 and forward every year I would say "They'll probably FINALLY show Doom 4". FINALLY here we are. I for one am really hoping that it's like Wolfenstein. Wolfenstein was AWESOME. Any Doom fans that haven't played it should really go and do it! One of the best story driven shooters to come out in a while. Right up there with Bioshock IMO. If Doom4 is anything like that, I'm sold. Wish there was more in that teaser though, huh?