Doom (game)

Are they still going with the load outs for deathmatch? I haven't really checked it out recently. I prefer those days when I played Doom 2 on Zdaemon source port and you just picked up the weapons in the arena, not spawning with a rocket launcher.

Also of note: I got a glimpse of the Doom Slayer's face on a poster I got. It reminds me of the classic Doomguy. But after playing through the game's campaign and going through my completed codex, it's definitely someone different. Maybe someone related?

I hope they have a mode where there are no loadouts and you pick up weapons as you go. Like the original. But load outs are still fun :D
I finally got to play HDoom. Pretty cool game. Just wish banging had an actual purpose like health regen or something.
I found it got to be boring pretty quick. The "banging" is hilarious(the Cacodemon one :rofl:) then it loses it's touch after a while.

Dunno what drew me back to Doom 3 but it's a good change of pace after playing the fast paced, ripping and tearing. With mods; Absolute HD 1.6 in particular just trumps BFG Edition, imo.
why are you guys bringing up "banging" when posting about Doom? should we get back on topic or is there something im missing?

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i went back to playing Doom. i got a few more trophies like the ones for getting all the secrets, collectables, and the weapon mastery one. ive avoided ultra nightmare cuz i think im just going suck terribly at it. but i might try it later today.
The new arcade mode is great for replayability but I am disappointed that they didn't include the boss fights. I wonder why?
so wheres that arcade mode? or those other DLCs. i see it in the PS store but every time i go to that it opens up the web browser. i assumed it just downloaded. i didnt see it in the multiplayer part either.
It's a free update so try to boot the game up on your PS4 and see if an update pops up.

Anyone check out this Brutal Doom 64 mod? Looks pretty awesome so far, can't wait to see more improvements down the line.

oh ya i found out like that day right after i posted. brutal doom 64 looks amazing. too bad it isnt on consoles. im not a pc gamer.

you got any tips to do better or any good at ultra nightmare? i tried it and i was just getting raped at it.
That mode I can stay away from, lol. If I had a somewhat decent rig for DooM 2016 for the PC I'd do it. Controller for UltraN is damn near impossible. I only will do the first level for the achievement and that's it lol.

The guy that did the first ever Ultra Nightmare run is amazing to watch, though. Zero Master is his name.