Dead Space thread

Resident Evil 5 was a great game!

Just not a great Resident Evil game. all.


I feel that Deadspace 3 is going to be like half and half.

Woops worded that wrong, RE5 is a great action game, but not a great Resident Evil game like you said.

I'm hoping that DS will be a great horror game. I'll be disappointed if it becomes a great action game. :/
Looks a shit ton better than the DS2 collectors edition that was supposed to come with a "life size plasma cutter replica".

I don't think I'll be getting DS3 anytime soon.
omg i remember that. i was telling everyone that i was gunna get a plasma cutter (obviously not a real one lol) and then i go to eb games and they show me the ds2 collectors edition and i was like "wow wait, ill just take the regular edition".
i got DS3 today and its pretty damn good so far. i like how the coverr system isnt always needed. and this new weapon system is good. but its gunna take a while to get used to.
I saw the 1st 4 chapters of the game on youtube, and I feel sorry for Isaac. It feels like he got kicked in the balls one too many damn times for all the shit he has gone through. And NO, I'm not spoiling the reason why I giving Isaac some sympathy and I bet Destroyer knows what I mean.
I dunno man...

I feel like this game is a little more noob friendly. I feel like I can spam my gun and never run out of bullets.

In the first 2 deadspace games, I had to CONSTANTLY melee, and CONSTANTLY shoot their own claws at them to maintain a decent amount of ammo.

And I kind of hate only being able to equip 2 guns.

I'm on hard.