Compatibility pack #4.

Which pair of MK3 Characters will be in Costume Pack #4?

  • Sub-Zero

    Votes: 98 63.2%
  • Reptile

    Votes: 40 25.8%
  • Ermac

    Votes: 24 15.5%
  • Scorpion

    Votes: 73 47.1%
  • I don't think they will use another pair of palette swaps.

    Votes: 42 27.1%

  • Total voters
Brady said that if C-Smoke is in the game, then he'll be an alternative costume (not separate character) so he didn't confirm Cyber Smoke at all.

Well, that would make sense, if he did say that (I still don't see a source) - he was just a game tester, after all.

The only real conclusion that can be drawn from that statement literally is this: Tom Brady didn't test an individual character called Cyber Smoke. That's it.

We get the trailer tomorrow, or saturday. LOL it's not that much time to wait.
I'd like to see a NightWolf, Kabal, Kano or even Klassic MK 3 Kung Lao costume.

There's so much potential with non-ninja costumes.
I wish that NRS would see that, and get more creative.

It wouldn't be cost effective to make those for these compatibility packs. They are free to the consumer, and Ninja costumes are cheap to produce on a per-character basis.

If Scorpion is in the next pack, then NRS will have only really released 4 classic costumes using this method, not 8 - MK3 cyber ninja, MK2 male ninja, MK2 female ninja and UMK3 male ninja.

Non-ninja costumes are more expensive to produce on a per-character basis. With that in mind, if NRS make some of these, they should probably charge for them specifically. Either that, or they should only release 1 classic costume per compatibility pack.