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Yeah another update on the BFD

Probably the last one for awhile
The way you draw, I feel this would do better as a massive graphic novel project than a straight up written work. This art is too great to not be involved with the story telling.

Awesome work!
Ok another coloring in proscess


And one of my favorite series of all time

Seriously wished sony owned him instead of universal in the early days :'(
Same with crash, I wished sony owned him as well but the original trilogy of spyro gams had some of the coolest music

Plus I always wanted to do a spyro fanfic

I will admit crash was the first game I purposefully killed myself in just at times :rofl:
Those casual clothes are nice :D

Personally i preferred Crash Bandicoot over Spyro

No. Spryro was WAY better than Crash Bandicoot. That purple dragon was an integral part of my childhood goddammit! I will not let you belittle him by comparing him to that OTHER guy.
Even though I side with toxic I gotta give crash his dues since he came first and was the only true mascot of the PS1 at the time

still though I have yet to meet a game that could use the organ player for a more upbeat tone and still sound epic in the way spyro did. Plus I liked the worlds and backdrops better
And here is me as a comic styled character

I like this alot actually may even do some of certain people around here if they want one :rolleyes:
Yung damnit, Yung.

Muscles but has a big belly. Got an ax on my back and two swords in my hands. I'm smirking a little bit as well. Baggy pants
:love: Thank you

I thank's this post three times by the way