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okay some of yall have already seen a few of em but i decided to show off all of the original characters i created for a long term goal i've wanted to acheive for some time (make a online comic) but i may start this off as a writing first as a starting platform for it but anyways here are some of the many cast i have drawn i'll update them with bios later along with the title and story over the whole thing on since it's a crap ton to type

the casts (will be inked later on)



Species: Dragon/Tiger (if you ask how he is one use your head)
Likes: hunting ferals, flying, theme parks, training, video games, and cheesecake, lots and lots of cheesecake.
Dislikes: reality tv, cheap people, bullies, cowards, the law enforcement, brooding people, segragation, clowns, being called cute.
Bio: The main hero obviously, Trey is the carefree denizen of Alto City, the central metropolis of trade beyond the earth itself. With an incredibly ambitious nature, Trey lives by the motto "better to jump before looking" while this may make him seem reckless he is by no means a dumbass. This hybrid always thinks things through and is alot smarter than one would perceive. Trey normally spends his time hunting ferals, why you may ask, it's to prepare himself to become the next hybrid odyssey, a title passed on to Hybrids who's actions have led to something so great it is forever printed in a sacred book for future generations to read. Due to his vigilante activity however, feral activity has diminished drastically leaving Trey and his friends bummed out to the point of retiring the goal until one day with arrival of a kunoichi(female ninja for the brain dead) feral activity skyrockets to untold heights truly threatening the populace of Alto City. Seeing this as his second chance for his goal Trey gets back in buisness to hunt down the vicious monsters, but stumbles upon the cause of this rise in crime that may give him answers he was never meant to hear about.
Trivia: all characters in Hybrid Odyssey are inspired off of fighting game characters, in Trey's case Ryu, Terry Bogard and Liu Kang.



Species: Racoon Dog
Likes: crystals, brave people, hot springs, sushi, sashimi, selfless people, Trey (it's a badly hidden crush)
Dislikes: nosy people, people eyballing her bosom, being alone, recklessness, loitering, the monster the sacked her village, Trey's humor
Bio: A skilled ninja and heir to the Korinuki clan until something came overnight and slaughtered a majority of her clan Father and fiance included before they even knew it and left Kiyomi with a nasty large scar across her back. Even tough she is the legitimate heir to what is left of her.clan, she wasn't mentally ready for such a responsibility so the village oracle directs her to Alto City to seek out a legendary master to train under. So the kunoichi sets out for the city and no sooner does she arrive she has a run in with a dreaded feral only to be rescues by The vigilant yet carefree denizen Trey and his freinds who just so happens to have a connection to the person she seeks. Though stuck to her duties and rather distant from the cast she develops a strong bond with everyone (especially Trey) and comes into conflict of either continuing her original goal for her diminished clan or staying with the up beat group of heroes who gives her a place that is no different from a family she always felt she was missing.
Trivia: Originally she was to be a snow leopard
She is based off of Sub-Zero and Ibuki



Species: Fox/wolvarine
Likes:basketball, fast food, running, Libby, kendo, deserts, energy drinks
Dislikes: being controlled, love stories, smelly socks, chores, his own shy nature
Bio: The speed demon of the rift striders (Trey's gang) how he got his powers is a little silly cause ya see it involved playing with his pops experimental serum and getting struck by lightning see I told ya it sounds silly but hey it's the future. Sure he was comatose for a few days and was prounced dead a few times but at least he has control over electricity and can literally out run a high end fighter jet. Whats even better is that he gets a custom made kitana that draws power from the abnormal electricity he generates which gives the blade the ability cut through anything by vibrating rapidly even going through steel though the obvious trade off is that it completly drains Raily dry and leaves him badly fatigued to the point of passing out. In school he is the popular kid, more so than his other friends which is sad really since he can't talk to a girl to save his life, especially Libby. Ah well such is the life a electrokinetic super fast sword wielding basketball loving hybrid in Alto city.
Triva: Raily was originally supposed to be rhe main star of the story during it's early days
Raily is based off of yun seong and andy bogard in personality


Species: Amami rabbit
Likes: the feeling of adventure, training, cookies, music
Dislikes: people staring at her rear end, carrots, Wit's perverted antics, being unable to do anything.
Bio: some people wish they had the life of like Akemi. rich parents who will do anything for you, on the clock security, even being able to travel to planetary resorts, but in reality Akemi is a pauper with the lifestyle of a princess. she finds more reward in gaining anything with her own 2 hands (though she doesn't mind a little "pocket change" every now and then). Akemi is also very close friends with the korinuki ninja Kiyomi. having met a few years ago, Akemi's parents took the young ninja in believing her to be newly orphan. cut a few years into today when Kiyomi decides to travel to Alto city, Akemi is not to far behind and follows and not only find the heroes who live there, but a use for the ridiculous amount of money she has since it will come in handy for funding the many trips that they will embark on.
Trivia: Akemi was intended to be the main love interest for Trey.
Regarding the fighter theme Akemi is an amalgamation of Asuka and Lilli of tekken fame.



species: cyberganic
likes: anime, manga, "the trotter", making modifications to any form of machines. anime conventions, helping the young, gasoline.
dislikes: badmouthing of any Japanese form of media without reason, ferals, fighting females, squashes, cellar lurkers, hentai
Bio: if there is one thing this big bucket of bolts love it's Japanese media. sit in a room for 2 minutes and you may here the beginning and end of every manga, anime or video game he has experienced. being a cyberganic Jolt can ingust stuff that would kill an ordinary Human or Hybrid, one prime example is gasoline which can have effects similar to alchahol if he downs hundreads of gallons, along with earthen clay, mercury and so on. another weird factor is his claim to be able to communicate with any form of machinery and most of the times it always gives him an answer to any problem that presents itself to the rift striders. while he may seem quriky, let a feral try to bring harm to innocents (or someone badmouth any anime or manga) and watch how quickly he will turn savage and brutal. when it comes to raw physical strength Jolt is unmatched since he can hoist a sky carrier with one hand and hurl it into outer space in addition to a insane assortment of weapons in his body. the trade off to all of this power is the fact that it drains him completely in minutes, to counter act this, he personally installed special inhibitors in his body to limit the power he expends when in combat.
Trivia: this is actually my favorite character
he is unique in the fact he is more inspired by deadpool of marvel, but is partly inspired off of the cyborg cast of mortal kombat



one of the few characters i don't have a name for (will take suggestions)

i'll update overtime with more characters
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okay here is the whole plot

Title: Hybrid Odyssey

in the year 2037 a strange cluster of alien crystals crashes into several locations of earth prompting expeditions by the hundreds.Dubbed Kalusite, scientist discover it is a universal energy source for virtually everything and literally grows off of the earth itself. this leads to heavy advancement of technology in a short time but at the expense of unforeseen side effects including the sudden growth of Earth itself reaching five times it's size and another is the birth of a race of creatures with both human and animal DNA dubbed Hybrids. initially man thought of them as freaks of nature and nearly annihilated them all until one lone Hybrid performed an act so great that it not only ensured the survival of his own kind, but man as well. several hundred years later both man and beast live in peace among the clouds as society's continued use of the Kalusite leads to major countries creating ways to deal with the rapidly growing population but a problem from past has returned to threaten the balance between Hybrids and humans. Dissatisfied with the local authority's attempts at quelling the problems that plague his home, A young and ambitious hybrid decides to take matters into his own hands and deal with the problem himself in but learns a lot of secrets regarding the origins of his kind and outside forces no one thought was real....
another update with two characters in one


also i will be posting up fan art as well and might even do request drawings for anyone who asks me ;)
Make, a crocodile manguy and I will :knuddel: you forever

and guess what here it is


i couldn't really come up with a name for him so i'll leave that to you

up on the next update
something Vital will enjoy ;)
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The hat, the fish bone in the mouth like straw, the anatomy. This sir is god like. I applaud you with all of my arms.
Great Job!