Brutality confirmed


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its frustrating when some people cant see the bigger picture when it comes to brutalities. they think back to MK3 then wrongly assume it will be the exact same lame thing.

Brutalities this time round with next gen could be effing intense! the old ones they just recycled the same few hit animations over and over so it looked lame but i imagine this time they will make each hit will be individually unique while showcasing the characters moves/style and putting some kind of x ray style ender at the end on each one.

i just hope they are difficult to perform and take time to master = far more rewarding especially if your in control of each hit rather than just imputing a command and watching it play out afterwards.

This is exactly how I see it. They wouldn't do it if they didn't have a unique idea up their sleeve. The fact that Boon mentioned that they had a cool system for it that they didn't have time to finish in the last game only reinforced that we would be getting them for this game. Can't wait to see.

Tarkatan Trash

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Kitana's Brutality is really the only one I know how to perform without looking at cheat notes.

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Aldo Moreno

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Aren't the X-Ray moves just shortened down Brutalities?

I wonder if the actual Brutalities will just look like extended X-rays. Or if they'll be implementing the x-ray vision into the Brutalities.

A billion hits till the point you explode? Lol, i'm pretty sure they're too different things.


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don't know if this has been mentioned or not but there seem to be faction specific kills as wellfaction kill.jpg


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I'm confident that brutalities are not going to be what we remember them being, they might even be the "new" ality they spoke of.


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what will they be like then do you think?

Beats me. I'm just speaking from the gut.

There's also this tweet; Ed Boon [MENTION=633]noob[/MENTION]de · 4h 4 hours ago
"@MarcoMoletta1 [MENTION=633]noob[/MENTION]de BRUTALITY RETURNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) EB: How did that get in there? Wonder what it is? Hmmm?

Makes you wonder, why would he say that if it were the same thing from the older games. I'm expecting to be surprised.


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Yeah I mentioned this in another thread. I'm glad its something with a darker tone and not Friendships. Doesn't suit this game. At least now we won't be getting 3 skulls and 16 mannequin legs.


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As much as I would love to take that Screenshot as a confirmation...I am going to hold my excitement until it is officially CONFIRMED!

Although its a pretty clear screenshot!


what if brutalities went into first person view. so you can see it through the eyes of the character performing it. just for the combo part then the camera can pan back to normal for the ending..

something like this.. ( the 7:00 min mark onwards)

lol i dunno just thinking of random ideas... like other people have mentioned something tells me theyre going to do something new and unexpected with brutalities this time. its fun just to speculate :)
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Really glad brutalities are in! hoping that they are hard to pull off and that there is a trophy for completing all brutalities!
I saw some comments from people who are dissapointed that friendships are not in. But please be aware that they still can be in! This does not deconfirm any other type of ality. Also I still think the new ality will not be the brutality, because it is not new.


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I love to speculate, though show me where it says "BRUTALITIES CONFIRMED" just because it says Brutality ingame as a statistic doesnt mean its going to be the returning Ality, yeah the game is a lot darker then before and I love it BUT imho its going to be something waaay different.

DemonSoul-Ality when you actually pull of a fatality on a character they wont be playable anymore so you'll have to rebuy the character as revive DLC would be good :D :D :D


I want MKX Brutalities to look different from MK3 but being as difficult to perform as back then. Fatalities are finishing moves where the opponent dies after a certain action. Brutalities should be hits, kicks, weapon moves etc. which slowly destroy the opponent but still don't kill him until the very end. Brutalities should be difficult and long so that only good players can perform them, letting the opponent watch how he gets destroyed. I want Brutalities to be super humiliation.


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I was young during those days too, but I had trilogy which was also my first Mk, when I saw the computer perform fatalities on me I was like holy shit!, but when I saw them do brutalities that was even cooler to me. I Hope friendships never return. Not for this game at least. Idk how they would do this, a long combo input that's different for all characters? Or the same way fatalities are done? And maybe the loser doesn't have to explode... Maybe they can think of something else.


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So with Boon acknowledging this on Twitter I think that it is safe to says that brutality is not the new ality. We know he is the master of trolling and if it was a leak he wouldn't acknowledge it. I think brutality will be a stat. Maybe based on how much damage done or you remaining health.


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what will they be like then do you think?

I have a vague memory that it was confirmed by one of the devs in an interview that players can keep combos going beyond the depletion of their opponent's health meter (like in Tekken). Does anyone else remember this more clearly?

If true, do you see the implication here? I imagine that if brutalities really have returned, then there will be no announcer shouting 'FINISH HIM/HER!' simply because there won't be an opportunity. An expert player, executing a brutality to truly humiliate their opponent, can bypass the usual match ending altogether and just keep their combo going. Maybe doing this beyond a certain point after the health meter was emptied will trigger the brutality animation; the screen turns dark and combo hits become more cinematic like x-rays, until finally the opponent explodes.