Bethesda E3 Livestream Official Thread


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Hmm. I don't expect everyone to like it.

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Batman takes GOTY easily imo. There's a few that stand a chance, but still.
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Nobody is asking you to change your terrible opinion. Just expressing what we think is contender for the useless title of GoTY.

Besides, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam completely shits on any Lame-Jane games you guys like anyhow.


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He's a Nintenyearold ^

As expected. M rated gamed aren't for you so I see your problem.

lol jk:laugh:


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Metal Gear is going to have online gameplay as well, unlike Fallout which has also shown already to be an excellent and immersive experience.

To each his (or her) own.
I don't care for Online being implemented in games that were originally meant to be single-player.
Online isn't a selling-point for me, in what is otherwise a single-player game.

If Fallout 4 is more enjoyable, then that's the game I'll end up playing for years to come, GOTY or not.
Most people in and out of TRMK know that I'm a big time Metal Gear fan, so for me to say that Dishonored was my 2012 GOTY and that it (FOR ME) surpassed Metal Gear in stealth is a HUGE statement from me.
Give me a good single-player story and good gameplay mechanics and I'm sold.
Give me shitty Peace Walker mechanics and painful B&W comic book illustrations and I'll move onto the next game.
I love Metal Gear, but I loathed Peace Walker.