Anyone bored of the demo?

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If they would've just added the ability to do a tag match or one of the test your _____ modes I think the demo would've had longer legs. But yeah, as of right now, just playing four fights on the ladder has gotten pretty boring.


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Since my favorite character (Mileena) is on the demo I haven't really gotten bored with it. As DCP has said to make the demo more fun is to see if you can beat your ladder time and perfecting combo's and what not.


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Re: Anyone board of the demo?

I'm not bored with the demo yet; I'm still trying to learn new combos and it seems like I'm figuring out new stuff everytime I play. Plus I play it with some friends and its always funny seeing their reaction since they're so used to Street Fighter.

Ya every time I start it up I learn a new cool combo I can use! Ive done some things I havent even seen on youtube yet! NRS was not kidding when they said you can create your combos, just wait till we have the entire roster at our disposal and to be honest this is the first MK game where I can say that I really want to play and get 100%mastery over every character!


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I play the demo everyday as well; alot - i just try not to get too caught up in it knowing that the full game will be a little bit different then what the demo is... but i dont get bored; ive played everyday and just started playing mileena and havent even touched scorpion; been working on Johnny Cage and Subzero till now... too much to do/learn/try out to get bored

lots of work to be done when the full game comes out...

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I play everyday. Start it up, change round, difficulty and time options and play for like and hour or so.
Just made my pre order today for my Kollectors edition, So excited =D
I am, mostly because I don't have much interest in playing Cage or Mileena. It's fun getting the combos down w/ the ninjas, but I need some different AI to play against.


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Re: Anyone board of the demo?

Good point. I think it really depends on what characters you like. For instance, I can't get enough of Johnny's sexy mug. But if I were a big cyborg fan, I'd probably not play the demo as much as I actually do.

Agreed, Most of the characters i like to play with arent in the demo, so after playing it the first week, i kinda stay away from it


theres too much depth in the gameplay and skill required to be bored yet , well for me anyway, the speed and precision needed for the big combos is great, and im still making up custom combos and changing them up with new ideas, its great fun and its good how you have to really master a character over hours and days to really flow with them and pull off impressive combos at random during expert mode,
im averaging 12-15 hit combos every round and pulling them outta the bag like a right bey!

its like beywatch!

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Not really. Its really fun! I would of been badass if they would let us play Story Mode so I kan get a peek into the story;).


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i still play the shit out of it, but yes, i am getting bored, ..or just really really eager for more character's!

if only there was TAG!


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NO! Well technically I don't even have the demo since my bro took the ps3 with him back to school. AND XBOX DOESNT HAVE A FRIGGIN DEMO but not having the demo just makes me more EXCITED FOR THE DAMN GAME TO COME OUT. 19 days people...


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*raises hand*

I played the demo on the day it came out....and haven't played it since.

I am not going to judge the entire game on a demo but, yeah, the demo got boring real fast for me.