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Problem with 4th DLC character (Please help)

Hello all.

First of all, I wanna clarify that the reason I'm posting this on these forums is because I want to try and find a soultion to this problem without having to call customer support if possible. I know this isn't a forum for asking for support on this matter, but I really couldn't find any better place to ask for help, and I'm really hoping some of you may be able to provide some sort of advice.

So as the title suggests I'm having a problem with Freddy Krueger. Yesterday (aug 14th) I downloaded Freddy (on PS3), my only DLC character so far (don't judge me xD), but can't use him, which kinda makes me feel like I've been ripped off. Obviously, I know he's supposed to be where Kratos and CSZ are, but after downloading and installing the 100kb unlock which I bought, he's just not there. I've got patches up to 1.04 and all 3 of the free compatibility packs, and I've seen other people online use freddy and the new sub zero classic costumes, so I'm sure it's not what's causing the problem.

I've spent a couple hours already searching for people with the same problem and a possible solution to this on other websites, but so far I couldn't find anything useful.

I've already tried deleting all patches and dlc then dowloading and reinstalling it, but to no avail. If any of you have any ideas as to what I could try doing to fix this, or where I could try to take this problem in order to possibly get a solution then please, do let me know. =)
Re: Problem with 4th DLC character (Please help)

Once you buy him, you must download him that could take Minutes or Hours!

Thats all i can tell you!
Re: Problem with 4th DLC character (Please help)

This may sound stupid but, he's located to the left of Rain in the character select menu. YOU CANNOT see him when you toggle to Kratos. You must follow the newly downloaded yellow arrow to Rain's left which will reveal Kruger. Hope that helps.
Re: Problem with 4th DLC character (Please help)

If only :( but from what I've gathered, Freddy's a special case, in that instead of downloading him when you buy him like the rest of the DLC characters, he was already dowloaded with the latest patch, and what you buy is the ability to unlock and use him (hence, the 100kb dowload).
Re: Problem with 4th DLC character (Please help)

I already know about that, as I said after all, I do have CSZ, and am aware that freddy, like othe DLC characters should be past CSZ and Kratos after opening the extra character selection, but I open that extension, and there's no freddy, just CSZ and Kratos. Also, I did say that freddy is my first DLC character, so can't really get past rain, and I've seen someone else use it online who didn't have every dlc character either, just freddy and skarlet, with freddy being right next to skarlet when they opened the extension.
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Re: Problem with 4th DLC character (Please help)

you download the sub zero mk3 and cyber mk3 skins comp packs? also???
Re: Problem with 4th DLC character (Please help)

you download the sub zero mk3 and cyber mk3 skins comp packs? also???

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the comp pack 4 come included with patch 1.04? Cuz I've encountered the unmasked sub-zero and freddy in online matches, but never dowloaded a 4th comp pack. :S
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Goku and Vegeta as the 6th and 7th DLC?

anime is not welcome in this game

Mortal Kombat is pretty much anti Anime. (gonna have some chump try and debunk this statment lol)
Hey everyone! Check out my version of Freddy's ALTERNATE costume (located below), and please visit: HERE for all my other MK2 / MK3 / UMK3 character edits for MK9!




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Dude, I love it. Robert Englund version.. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Hahhaa, thanks bro! Yea, I did it for all the TRUE Freddy fans who were disappointed with Freddy having the "Jackie Earle Haley" look as opposed to the "Robert Englund" version... as was I.... (But lets be thankful Freddy is even DLC at all). So yea, that's why I made it.... PLUS, I made him have 1 glove instead of 2. Which, theoretically, COULD work.

Its just that they need to tweak his character animation (much like they did with human Cyrax/Sektor) to the effect that when he's using his left claw it will just be a punch instead of a blade swipe/chop/cut, and then his right hand would still be using his traditional one hand blade swipe/chop/cut.

Even for his X-ray, he could just stab you in the ribs with ONE glove instead of 2 (seeing as how he pulls it out anyways and neither of the gloves stay impaled) and then prepares for the right hand blade swipe across the face.

Also for his Fatality (Tell'Em Freddy Sent Ya), he could appear from behind you and stab you in the back and out through the front of the chest with his right glove, while hes holding your shoulder with his left hand and then he pulls you down to the bottom where the blood sprays out from the ground.

And for his other Fatality (Welcome To My Nightmare), he could stab you in the center of your chest and lift you up (much like Baraka's fatality in MK2) and then he will use his left hand to hold you by the shoulder (continuing to keep you suspended in the air) and then throw you over head and you'll land in the furnace and BURN!, and still end it with him closing the door which severs off the opponents arm!

And for his Babality, all they need to do is flip the baby carriage around so that when Baby Fred swipes at you, he does it with his right hand as opposed to his left!

And thats it! Honestly, they could make this work! But I understand why they wouldn't do it because "Elm Street" has its "new" star... Ughhh... Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy?... Come on.... seriously?!?!? Wtf were they thinking!?!? Maybe its not even him as the actor that bothered everyone... maybe its because the make-up/special effects they used were not demonic enough looking!?...


Oh well. Hope you guys all enjoy my version of what Freddy's alternate "could" potentially look like!


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Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger.

I was dissapointed by the new movie and the new actor... I'm a huge fan of A nightmare on Elm street movies and the Original Freddy. And if Englund made it to Call of Duty they could of at least tried to get him as Alternate Costume for MK's Freddy XD

Anyways at least we got him in MK. Kratos and Freddy were always somebody I wanted to see in MK (ppl can like/dislike or w/e, but I love that they made it in MK :p)
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Much respect!