007 - the james bond thread

Who's your favorite?

  • Sean Connrey

    Votes: 8 30.8%
  • George Lazenby

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Roger Moore

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Timothy Dalton

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • Pierce Brosnan

    Votes: 9 34.6%
  • Daniel Craig

    Votes: 3 11.5%

  • Total voters
so he next bond movie is supposed to be out in 2015. what you all think? I think this is a bad idea because theres too many good movies being released in 2015. and just grrrr! 2015!!?? the waits gunna be forever :(
Richard Kiel, the actor who played Jaws passed away yesterday. makes me want to watch "the spy who loved me" or "moonraker". grrrr can't decide.
You can't beat a good auld Bond movie, I must have seen every one of them.

My favourite movie: Goldfinger
My favourite Bond: Sean Connery
My favourite scene: Parkour chase from Casino Royal
My favourite chick: Honey Ryder
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the new Bond movie is going to be called "Spectre". what do you all think of that? like I think its cool how theres gunna be spectre but they could have been more creative with the title.
the new Bond movie is going to be called "Spectre". what do you all think of that? like I think its cool how theres gunna be spectre but they could have been more creative with the title.

No, the name follows the logic of Quantum of Solace. Both movies focus on certain criminal organizations.
Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond, his movies like Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies or Die Another Day is amazing.
My second favorite is Daniel Craig.
But Sean Connery is a classic.
The only problem i have with Spectre movie (the same i had with Skyfall) - it looks like some strange attempt to reboot Bond movies or blur the timeline, in Skyfall he used his car from 30 years ago and acted like he is an original owner of this thing, and like he was born under James Bond name, now Spectre, i already can say this is the very same villain from Roger Moore times. I understand this is entertainment, but i don't really like the idea of Bond and Blofeld being time lords...there was simple kayfabe solution - "James Bond" is the codename, nothing else, and Spectre is not dead but have a new leader - both are logical explanations and should be used instead of some over the top "time travells" that Bond writers uses today, breaking the forth wall is not the best way for 007.
James Bond is not a code name. the actors just got too old to act as Bond. I cant imagine how silly it would be if Sean Connery was still acting Bond. plus on For Your Eyes Only, Bond (Roger Moore) was visiting Tracy's grave when Tracy dies in On Her Majesty's Secret Service when George Lazenby acted as Bond. Also on Lisence To Kill when Timothy Dalton acted as Bond, Felix said "he was married a long time ago". sorry I don't mean to rant but I just cant stand that "James Bond is a codename" rumor.
Voted Dalton, though Craig's a very close second and plays a similar Bond to Dalton, which I appreciate.

Connery is the original template and a classic, of course, but he's not my favourite.

Brosnan was garbage, despite being the Bond I grew up with and I remember liking him at the time. I try not to be blinded by nostalgia, though, and in hindsight he was really quite poor, and it's no surprise that his only decent film - GoldenEye, which was a superb Bond movie - was originally written for Dalton. His others are all pretty bad, getting progressively worse each time.

Craig is great, and I look forward to Spectre. Along with Star Wars, it's the only movie I'm interested in this year.
I hope they get a different director for the next Bond movie. they need to go back to the way the movies were before, somewhat. like no more Bond's childhood bs or personal stories about m or q. it shout be:
gun barrel
action scene
music video
bond gets mission from m

and so on from there.
I saw Spectre last night. it was awesome! I hear people are complaining that the movie is 148 minutes, but I thought it was great that it was that long. not like in Casino Royal where Bond is just sitting in the casino talking for an hour (still like that movie a lot).

my only real issues were
the part at almost the end where Bond goes back to London it seems like it turned into a Mission Impossible movie with Bond and his team and the "impossible" part with the bomb. I think they need to involve Q, M, and Monneypenny less in future bond movies. my other issue was that I didn't think Hinx died when he died. I was like THAT killed him. I kept expecting him to show up later and he didn't.

even with those 2 minor things I still say the movie is great. its probably my favorite one with Daniel Craig. tough choice between Spectre and Skyfall. oh... and
the gun barrel part is right at the beginning!!!
Roger Moore has died at the age of 89. a sad day in the world of movies today. I'm thinking about watching some of his Bond movies. RIP.