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  • Here is one. I'm thinking about picking this one. She knows how to put a smile on face and she wants me to teach her how to dance as well. She plays video games as well. :
    Chapter 3 is up for my epic story starring TRMK. New characters have been introduced, more epicness has been acheived, and a new thread with lots of reservation posts has been created! Check it out here!
    I remember when that movie first came out, one of my friends said he'd turn gay for the Predalien. He was relieved when I informed him all Aliens are Female. xD
    Yeah, same here. This site and some of its members and admins are getting on my nerves. How've you been? DId you see Kenshi's trailer? He looks bad-ass!
    not much, how's jacking off into your face going? Who's that chick on your profile picture?!? Shes hot!
    Haha I like how you referred to it as a harem, wouldn't that mean that you wouldn't be allowed to see them at all though?
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