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  • Ha! I actually have that on my iPod. I work out to it. Same for the Integral version of Theme of Solid Snake. They both make good workout music, believe it or not.
    Kick ass G-Unit, I was actually just logging on here to ask if ya gotta it.

    I should be on in like 2 hours or so, got to run and get some groceries.

    Thought of a new clan name... and even a logo.

    Awesome, my bestfriend I grew up with has it now. We used to do LANs together all the time growing up. He lives in California now and I am up in Minnesota, but we got a new member to our team.

    We are the Crayon Clan.

    Each of the stories was the band member's own fantasies, like John Bonham missed his family while on the road, so his fantasy was to be home and spend time with them =)
    The Led Zeppelin 2 disk DVD has concerts from '69 - '79. That might be the one you are thinking of.

    The Song Remains the Same 'dream' parts are pretty fecking odd, lol.
    He got sloppy, lol.

    Today is Plant's birthday. He looks like a bloodhound, haha
    Where have you been all this time? Son, you should know by now that Zeppelin is my favorite band. I am ashamed of you :/ I think I posted my collection here once. It could pay my rent for some time <3 I have a scary obsession with Jimmy Page =)
    I think you're bullshitting. You're some white guy that loves to troll people. And I'm spreading this rumor until you prove me wrong
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