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  • Just got off the phone with Game Trader and he told me they didn't get it in. Oh well, midnight release is around the corner. . . .
    Yea it's not that big of deal. I'll be at the midnight release if they don't have it at the flea market.
    Yea I know. Had I known they had it, I would have bought it. Well hopefully Game Trader will have it.
    Yea it is ********. I did call Game Trader, and he told me to check back between 1 and 2.
    I called Fantasy Games and he said he was all sold out :(

    I'm going to call another place between 1 and 2. I'll let you know.
    I'll definitely be getting it. We won't be able to play online because the Servers aren't up yet.

    Ima go cash my check and get go around 1-2 ish.....

    Hey just take your gamestop paid pre-order and transfer it over to l.a. noire (that's what im doing)

    O and I almost had a heart attack today!!, i went over to play n trade and saw some dudes playing MK!

    I thought to myself "Hell yea they got it in stock!!!!" but no, it was a bootleg copy and they won't get the shit till tuesday.... *******s!
    After doing some calculations, I'll be able to get it early. :) Thank goodness for awesome budgeting skills lol.
    I pretty much said screw getting it early. I already have it payed off at gamestop, so I figured there's no point in spending 60 bucks again. Plus I'm considering maybe getting a new t.v. :) If I find anyone that has it early though I'll let you know. Good luck.
    Yea I know exactly where it is. I'll head up then around the same time. So when I get there just ask: Do you have Mortal Kombat in?
    The play and Trade before you get to Target? <---If that is the one, I know exactly where that is. I'm tired of the maybes and mights also. 5 days early is better than waiting until the 19th.
    Yea bro definitely let me know what they say. I'll drive over there in a heart beat. Let them know that you know someone else that will gladly buy from them too.
    Hi , do you have that avatar picture in a biger size? or can i see a link of it ? did u do it or is it a render? thanks
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