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  • I think only top 2 make it out.

    I'm confident my Ermac can beat Tyrant/Tyler Not super confident but I'm not thinking the world's over before I even go.

    I researched the other guys. Typed their name in youtube. A Kung Lao/Jade/Kenshi. can't find the other guy. Gonna go Noob for that Kenshi main.
    I'm a bit broken right now. I'm hurt and I'm a mess.

    I'll be okay soon though. These things just take time.
    I bought Just Cause 2. If you've never played it I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try
    My facial cream is usually green though :p

    You'll look like Shrek but it's totally worth it :D
    Sorry I didn't message you back on PSN. I was away, I just left the game sitting there.

    If you wanna play, hit me up on here and we'll play. I usually just have my PS3 on and sitting there lol.
    Sure, i'm down for it. I'm hella rusty, though.My cast is coming off soon but I can play anyway. Sorry for replying so late.
    Season 2 was alright. I really only liked the episodes were they joked around like when they stayed at the Amagi Inn or the school festival. Not the serious stuff. I also didn't like how Kanji got a different VA too.
    I'm not dropping my competitive games. I'm still playing Blazblue seriously. Just a couple days ago I played it for 10 hours straight in 1v1's. Mu-12 is my best character so far. I'm still learning other characters and what they are fully capable of.
    It's a good idea against someone you're pretty sure doesn't know about it cuz you can sometimes get a ghetto reset.
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