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  • You have to beat them up Greg.
    You have to go back and beat them with that controller and get your money back
    Why you bringing up old shit

    Gone Guru should be the credits song. I think he'll do a decent job as Frank West though, as that must be what they're casting him for. I have a feeling it might be too dark though unfortunately but they better not screw up the story.
    Straum was an absolute badass. I loved how he escaped the cube trap by sticking the pen into his throat without giving a single fvck. The traps with the five people involved in that building coming down were all incredibly lame though besides the last one where they had to give 10 pints of blood. I was cringing so goddamn hard.

    Straum's and Jeff's deaths definitely both hit me hard though. Saw 3 was a complete feels trip, especially when the woman freezes to death inside the freezer trap. Poor Jeff couldn't forgive her fast enough to save her. Then after that he's pretty much driven off the edge, so Straum had to put him down.
    Aww shit you made me remember all about Eric Matthews, I felt so bad for the poor guy when he died in Saw IV just because Rigg couldn't follow Jigsaw's message of his obsession with trying to save everyone. Jigsaw kept that dude alive and trapped for six months, just so he could be part of Rigg's game, and then die by those blocks of ice.

    Yeah that twist was pretty cool too, and it's very similar to the twist of Saw V, Special Agent Straum being too arrogant to listen to Hoffman's tape so he becomes a bloody pancake in that compactor room.
    I think the writers were planning it all along due to how significant the limp was in the video of him operating on the death mask victim. If that were never there though and Dr. Gordon didn't appear until the end in the pig mask that would have been beyond hype. I was really excited to see that he was still alive since he was one of my favorite characters of the series.

    Which movie had your favorite twist ending? I have to go with the sixth movie, the twist was just incredibly emotional and unexpected.
    Yup the traps were really lame and since Bobby Daegan was a lying douchebag, you really felt no sympathy for him unlike other Saw protagonists like Jeff and Special Agent Straum. Only good scene in the test was with his wife and the furnace, where he had to recreate the story he made up with the hooks.

    The ending was really the bomb though, although it's stupid how they show Dr. Gorden twice before the ending. Would have been much more surprising if they only showed him during the ending. Hoffman finally got what he deserved too, thank God, guy was a douchebag.
    3D at home has always been pretty wack for me out of what I experienced, except for Coraline that I bought in 3D, it's pretty decent. I remember my first 3D at home movie was some Spy Kids movie and it was utter garbage.
    Well you can just watch it at that link. Quality seems pretty good too. Watch it so I can know if you'll hate it as much as I do.
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